Thursday, December 27, 2007

My first blog post

My mom has seen all these dogs with blogs on the internet and has convinced me to do a blog with her. Maybe... just maybe, there will be more treats in this deal for me or maybe a tennis ball. Oh, how I love them, the chase, the rush of catching that ball before it hits the ground. Anyways, I told her yeah that would be neat. This is a picture of me, a close up picture of me checking out the camera as my mom takes the picture.

I have a human sister who is 9 and loves to play with me! I just love her! I am lucky to have a human brother who loves me too, he is 16 and just got his drivers permit, woohoo maybe he will take me for rides I just love them! I have a sister doggie who is a St. Bernard, the baby of the family but bigger them me! Her name is Baylee.

I will be 3 on my birthday in June and my sister the St. is going on 2. The vets says my sister is the leanest St. Bernard they have seen, but the credit goes to me since I give her a workout in the back yard! She sure loves food more then me and I feel sorry for her and always like to let her have my treats ...but Mommy gets mad and says that I need treats too and to eat them. I have always treated my sister Baylee like she was my baby. She was so small when My mom bought her home. She had to travel all day to get to her new home all the way from a town in Tennennesse. My dad has always wanted a Saint Bernard so mommy got him one. I am just so glad because Baylee is my bestest pal!

You may think that since I am much smaller that I get pushed around but that isn't the way it is, I am the boss and Baylee knows it. We get a long just fine and are very happy together. Plus, I give her my treats and we have an understanding.

Well mom says it is time to go to bed since we have a long day tomorrow. We are going to visit my Grandma and Grandpa about 4 hours away to bring them their Christmas presents. I Know it is after Christmas but My humans wanted to spend Christmas at home this year. I am excited to be going to visit them. They have 2 cats but they don't like us dogs that much at all and hide the whole time we visit. Like we are these bad dogs that will just bite them or something like that, geez we wouldn't do that. Anyways, I am glad my mom has talked me into writing this blog and I look forward in chatting with you and meeting more doggie friends. Sami