Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am so bored...

This weekend was so boring. Mom & Dad were busy running Allie around this weekend that we hardily saw them. It started Saturday with Games Day where Allie rides horses then they came home to feed us Din Dins and then had to rush out to Allie's baseball game which we git hit in the arm while she was up to date. They should have took me cause I would have caught that ball before it hit my Allie's arm. Not to worry she is fine. Sunday morning they left to take Allie to first Dressage show which we just got done watching as a family. I wanted to share it with my friends.

This was her very first Dressage test. She is getting ready for her first Event competition at Lexington Horse Park next month. She is so excited and I am hoping she will take me because they allow dogs! Oh, please Mommy can I go?? Now you can see why I was so bored all weekend! Kisses, Sami

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pressies from Amber-Mae, Chloe, Faith and their Mommy!

Look the Mailman delivered us, a package full of pressies from our dear friends Amber-Mae, Chloe, Faith and their Mommy Melissa.

Look Baylee come sniff and checkout our parcel. Thank you, oh Thank you Amber-Mae, Chloe, Faith be sure to give your Mommy lots of kisses from us to Thank her too! I just love getting mail. Oh, Mommy can we open it now, pretty please?

Baylee you want to help? Okay I will gladly open it myself. Oh, Boy I am so excited!

I really like opening packages!

See how good I am at unwrapping pressies?

Look at all the wonderful things we got! New collars for both me and Baylee. Yummy chicken treats, that were delic and we had to beg Mommy to give us more. Lovely flower for Allie and this awesome earring holder for Mommy, which by the way Mommy just loves and keeps talking about how lovely it is. We would like to thank you very much for thinking about us! You guys are the best!
I though I would show you the lovely letter. Amber-Mae your an artist too? Mommy was impressed with how well you drawled the gifts. Very talented she says and I have to agree.

I though maybe a close up look so you can see the wonderful pictures!

Baylee modeling her lovely collar, don't the colors look nice on her? Baylee says, Thank you guys for the very nice collar.

See my collar? It is so stylish and fits perfect! All the dogs in the neighborhood are going to be so jealous of my new collar. Hey, Mommy why don't you let us try the treats?

Okay I will take this bag and have it all to myself. What Mommy share with Baylee? But it is yummy salami's made with real chicken meat and you know I love chicken. What there is another bag of treats made with chicken and cheese, okay I will share if I get some of those too.

Please open them for us, now please? OMDOG they are so yummy. We ate almost half the bag and then Mommy said we have to save some for tomorrow. Can we try the others?

Mmmmm, oh talk about Delic, Amber did you make this chicken and cheese treats? They are so yummy, right Baylee?

Oh, yes Sami! I am in love see my eyes? Feed me more please!

Thank you all so much, we just love everything!

Oh yes, another treat...minty...My breath is so fresh!

I got one too! Hurry put in my mouth! Yummers!

Allie just loves her flower and was so excited because look at her shirt she had on today, it matches! Allie loves flowers, how did you know?
Baylee likes the flower too and tried to get Allie's flower...but Allie says Mine and wouldn't give it to Baylee. I knew we had something good in our package when the mailman didn't want to hand it over. He wouldn't let mommy open the door cause Baylee was growling at him and the mailman held the door and would let mommy open it. Mommy told him that we are friendly and won't bit but he said he wasn't taking any chances and only slide the paper through the door so mommy could sign for the package and instructed her not to open it to get the package until he was gone and even held the door so mommy couldn't open it till she agreed. I think he wanted to keep are pressies, don't you Amber-Mae? I just know he smelled those yummy chicken treats

Wasn't that so nice of Amber-Mae and family send us pressies? It felt like our Barkdays! THANK YOU! WE LOVE OUR PRESSIES! When we wear our collars we will think about you guys!

We back..finally have POWER...

Mom come look the wind is blowing so hard and our favorite tree that Baylee loves to chew the branches on is coming out of the ground. Come look quick!

Our tree came up out of the ground but Mommy and Daddy tried to save it, the roots weren't broken so they lifted it back up and staked it down and we have our paws crossed that it will survive. We lost power Sunday morning and it didn't come on till for a whole week, can you believe that, no power to blog but Daddy did hook up the DSL internet and computers for an hour each day to a Power Inverter that he hocked to the Honda Car battery but Mommy had to do work and wouldn't let us blog since she didn't have much time,. The first night was fun cause Mommy grilled as much food as she could on the grill and we had a feast then we had to throw all the rest away. We mostly got take out food from restaurant that still had power but over 300,000 people were out of power and ice was sold out everywhere. After the strong winds Mommy, Dale and me went out to look at the damage and saw lots of trees down in the neighborhood.

The wind just tore this tree in half. This is our worst storm, ever.

Another tree down.

This was a huge tree

Mommy was sad about all the trees that were lost in the storm and was very sad when she saw that our tree went down. That was how bad the storm was. I was scared but Baylee was brave.

Now for some GOOD news. MY pal Thor gave us Brillante Weblog Award. Thank You Thor! It means a lot from us that we received it from you!

You're the best Thor!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hi friends

Just a quick bog post, we lost power from the storm and it might not be back on for 10-14 days. I just don't want you to be worried that we disappeared and will miss your all bloggies. We are at free internet location typing this message now. We got strong winds in the Louisville, KY.
Hope you are all safe.. and able to blog! We will miss you!

Sami & Baylee

Monday, September 8, 2008

Thank you Mango for our award! Sniff I Smell?

Thank you Mango for the I love your blog award! You're the best!
Thanks, handsome Mango, that means a lot.

Feel free to just enjoy this award or pass it along.
The Rules:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs that you've nominated.
I have talked with Sami and we would like to pass the award too:

Baylee here and I want to show you what I sniffed today. First we will start with my nose so you can see close up how it looks when I sniff something.

I sniffed a pee mail that smelled like a rabbit pee mail

I got so excited at the bunny pee mail that I started to hop like a bunny!

I smelled the pretty flowers!

Sami smelled Mommies shoes, Sami you better put them back before mommy sees you. That is all we sniffed today. I hope all my friends have a great day like we did.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good News...

Sami Reporting on some exciting news here at the home front.

We have some exciting news to share about our brother, Dale. He has been selected as one of the candidates for the KY Governor's Scholar. He will know if he receives it towards the end of the school year so keep your paws crossed. Only a select few are chosen from each school. If he gets it, he will go away to college for 5 weeks this summer to participate in the program before starting his senior year. He is on cloud nine right now and has been talking about colleges all month long. His top choices are MIT - John Hopkins, Duke, Stanford then Uof L He is targeting a school that has a top BME ( Biomedical Engineering ) Mom and we prefer one close to home :) but it is his future and his choice mom says. Well he has to get accept. He has some really hard to get in schools on his list. He is taking the PSAT in Oct. along with the ACT. So wish him luck! Woof Woof!

Stay tuned to Baylee's report coming later this week on her latest sniffs.

Till then, wishing all my friends lots of yummy treats and besure to deliver pee-mail everywhere you can.