Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sista Allie's Show

My Hooman sista Allie had her 1st show of the year. They were gone from 8:30 Am till 5:00 Pm and I missed them so much. Mom was complaining of her face being sunburned and how silly of her not to think the sun would burn her when they were just trying to stay in the sun to keep warm from the cold wild that was blowing like crazy. I gave her tons of kisses when she go home. Boy did I miss them!
I bet I could jump that jump above just like Allie and Lady the American Quarter horse.

Mom made this video so I could see some of Allie's show.

Allie getting her ribbon. She came home with 5 ribbons. Lots of pretty pinks, my favorite color, a couple whites and a purple one.

Allie with her trainer, Mandy. Mandy is giving Allie schooling lessons before her time to jump.

More schooling for Allie. This must be like OB training for us doggies, huh?

Gosh look at Allie go! This would have better day if they let me go! So not fair and I am gonna insist that I go next time. Or I will just sneak in the Jeep and hide in the back and poof I will pop up when they arrive at the show. Then they will let me stay and watch! Oh, Allie has posted more pictures on her blog.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sad Day friends Bella our Guinea Pig left us...

No pictures today, sorry! It has been a sad day today, our guinea pig, Bella who has been part of our family for 6 years went to heaven today. Baylee is taking it hard since her and Bella were buddies and Bella always got happy and excited when Baylee stuck her head into Bella's cage to say, "Hi."

I will miss the little fellow and the guinea pig food he used to share with us. Mom always would give me and Baylee a few nibbles when she feed him dinner. Mommy says that he will be happy in the sky and see his fellow guinea pigs and our bunny Lucky.( yeah Bella is a he but has a girl name since the hoomans were told he was a she but when they found out and they still kept his name and called him Bella Fella.)

We will just say a little prayer. Maybe he will get to say Hi and meet Herbie, Helios brother and Lucky our Bunny who left us a few years ago. Sad but Mom says they they will alway be in our hearts.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Oh, I am so embarrassed! Mom please don't take my picture in these silly rabbit ears. Mom finally convenienced me that I look adorable in them, so I let her take my picture just to make her happy! Baylee would not have anything to do with these rabbit ears and even barked at me while I had them on my head. She was laughing at me so hard that she was rolling on the floor. Listen Baylee I am just trying to make Mom happy!

Hurry up Mom and get the picture taken! You owe me big time and I want something yummy for Easter dinner tomorrow. Baylee won't be laughing tomorrow! Hee hee..... more like drooling when I get something yummy to eat. Well worth posing in these most ridiculous ears!

I want to wish all my friends Happy Easter and wishes to get yummy treats Easter day!

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Hooman Sis's trip to the Science Center

I wanted to post some pictures of my Allie on her school field trip. Mom got to go but not me since a no doggie rule so not fair! Allie got to go in a kinda like space ship.
Oh and look at this rock, Baylee would love to chew chew it...not sure if the Mummy would scare her!

Not sure why Allie is smiling because this man has no face..yikes now and look funnel like hands. Must be from the black lagoon.

Oh, boy glad I didn't go and run into this fella, look at those huge teethies? Good thing he was behind glass.

Look like this guy is smiling at my sis Allie. He better stay away from her or I will show him my big teethies or better yet I will get Baylee after him!

Okay now Allie is being a silly girl hooman! I will have to talk to this so called Science Center and see why us doggies cannot go. I tell you just no fair at all! Mommy promised to take me to the park as soon as we get a warm nice day! Think, I will like that better then the yulky old no dogs allowed Science Center, huh?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Workout Days and The Rock Chase...Woofed Out!

I tried to get Baylee to use the treadmill but she said, "Nope no doggie doo doo cuz I'm happy with the way I look! She saw no need in exhausting herself and quickly laid down.
Wha Hoo...yippie....I just love this treadmill. I am trying to get a Woof-a-licious body!

This is such a awesome workout! How am I ever gonna convenience Baylee that she would love this? She thinks a workout is walking to her doggie bowl for dinner! I told her she might not fit into her stylish coats Mom got for her but she don't care!

See Baylee laying around again? Heehee, I got a plan! I am gonna bug her to play with me! Watch the Video below and see her run! She had this rock she sneaked in and tried to hide from Mommy. I stole her rock and then she had to chase me! HeeHee I am so bad! I love it!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Snow and More Snow 12" of White Snow

I am trying to get the snow off me and it just keeps getting on my fur! Very irritating!

Baylee loves the snow!

Hey, where are my legs? Help somebody I can't find them, do you see them? Wait, I think they are buried under this white stuff called snow. I will just have to hop like a bunny to get out of this snow! After a few hops I finally was able to run and run fast!

Allie and Baylee getting ready to tackle the snow, wait for me.

Gosh this snow will just not stay off my paws. Notice I am chewing and licking it off my paws. Mom tried to get me to go in but I wasn't about to as long as Allie & Baylee were outside! I wasn't about to miss any fun just because stinkin snow was on my paws! No way!

Just getting started having fun in the snow

Allie needs help but I let Baylee come to her rescue since she was just pretending... Silly girl! That's my Allie all right silly and loves to play with me.

Below is a video from yesterday

I almost lost my coat while pulling Allie on the sled. Why are Mom & Allie laughing at me? I don't think it is very funny, See my look at the end of the video!

Friday, March 7, 2008

snowflake fun

School was cancelled today and we played in the snow for hours with Sista Allie.

This is so much fun, when is my turn to sled, mom?

Baylee it's my turn get back girl!

Baylee lookin all stylish in her coat. She just loves the snow!

Allie wanting us to pull her on the sled!

I am one strong dog, see Baylee you just grab and pull!

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Hooman sista Allie, Rainy Rainy day, Baylee as a horse

It rained most of the day today so Mom only let us go out a few times. Not fair! I have the most fun splashing in the rain puddles. She doesn't like when we track mudd in to the house..whatever..blah blah...It was rather boring today. So, I tried to get Baylee interested in playing ball with me and we had a little fun. Mom didn'thave her camera charged so below are some older pictures!

I wanted to share a picture of my hooman sista Allie. Allie is loves horses, but of course she loves us doggies better! This is a picture of a her at a show a few month ago when the weather was much nicer. We haven't been able to go to her shows yet since most farms don't allow dogs to come in. I don't understand that, we have a right to watch our sister! Doesn't she look like good? Yelp that's our Allie!

Allie is on Bandit the pony and they won 2nd place in the show. They were beat by a lady in her 40's. Allie was so mad and said that they should have only riders the same age in the competition!
If I were bigger then Allie could ride me and we would get 1st place, oh yeah!

Speaking of horses when Baylee was a pup my Allie put a doll saddle on her and tried to get her doll to ride on Baylee, what a silly girl! Thought my fellow doggie friends would like to see Baylee as a horsey!

Look at the cool stylish pink saddle. Pink is my favorite color. I know they say us dogs can't see colors but I prefer pink colored toys like my pink loofa doggie.

Look sista Baylee is givig rides! All aboard the Baylee! Ready set go! I betcha that saddle will not fit her now huh?