Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Busy times for us

Hi Friends I just wanted to let you know that we are all fine but have been very busy lately. You see my hoomans have decide to sell the house and buy a farm with a barn and Mom hasn't had anytime to blog at all. Hopefully soon as she gets the stuff done around the house and the house listed then she promises to let us catch up with our friends. She says Sunday is the day that our friend the realtor will be coming over to get the paperwork started to list our house. We are very excited about moving to a HUGE yard and we can't wait. We miss all you guys and will blog soon we promise. Oh by the way we have an ice storm and lots of snow and school was cancelled today and also tomorrow. Baylee loves the snow but me not so much and made dad shovel the deck before I would go potty this morning. Hee hee!

Love you guys!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sami and her toy fur wrap

Finally my turn to blog, Baylee here! I couldn't wait to post this picture of Sami with her furry toy on her, doesn't she look so silly? I thought so. Look at hers eyes as the picture was taken looking like a green zombie monster! Hee hee!

Let me tell you Allie has been at the barn every day to ride her horse and I tell you we get know attention and no time to blog. It is so unfair! My hooman bother isn't feeling well, he might have a kidney stone so he has got to stay home from school for a few days but he seems to be better now. Mom has been so busy with so called work but she is just hogging the computer, right Sami? Well I am glad to get this time to blog and hopefully will get to tomorrow.

Miss you guys! xoxox Baylee