Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baylee here reporting on the new pets!

Lilly our new Kitty we rescued is so funny. She will not stay out of the Christmas Tree!

Sami will not leave the presents alone and keeps begging mommy for a present but no luck!

Baylee here, what have we been up too? I do have to tell you that we got the barn ready and we have 3 horses now, yelpers I said 3. Justice and our 2 new ones are Buddy the pony and Payten. Buddy Mom found at a rescue place called New beginnings. He was left to starve from his previous owners but luckily rescued by a very nice lady at New Beginnings. Buddy is a haflinger/quarter pony. Payten is Daddy's horse and she loves me. Everytime I go outside she meets me by the pasture. Such a sweet horse. Justice well you know Allie had him boarded with her trainer but now he is home with us. So now we have us 2 dogs, 2 kitty cats, 1 lovebird and 3 horses...It is a good thing we moved to the farm! Thats all I got to say! Pictures of horse are below:

Justice, Payten, Allie and Buddy

Justice and Payten

Our Allie Girl!

I hope all our friends have happy holidays and a Merry Christmas! Love Baylee & Sami and family. xoxoxo

Thursday, November 26, 2009


See our new family member? Her name is Lilly and we rescued this little kitty. Poor thing would have died. Thankful for my aunt Wendy who tried to find the kitty a home and we just couldn't resist. Lilly had to go to the vet right away because she was running a fever, You see she had an upper resp-i-tory infection and need to medicine. The vet said she would have never survived outside. She is very healthy and happy now. We are thankful for her.
Tired and I have a full belly of Turkey.

Okay, I feel much better after my rest. Anyone up for a game of chase the ball?

Allie please play with me....Pretty Please?

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hi friends! Sorry it has been way to long but we have been so busy. We have moved to our new house with 5 acres to run free...well all but the fence to stop us. We do have cows as neighbors and Baylee just barks at them like they are some sort of alien or something like that but me I am cool with them as long as they stay on their side of the fence. We have a 1/4 acre pond with fishies. I am telling you we have so much fun and we loved the new house right away and was happy from the first day we stepped our doggie paws in the door! I will post pictures soon but mommy has been so busy tearing our new house up and I don't understand her. She has been ripping walls down but daddy builds new ones. She has been painting and well actually takes time out to play ball with me a few times a day. My parents have been working very hard getting the barn ready for horse-e Justice to come home. They have been looking hard to find him a friend first because he is very social and loves his friends, hey I will be his friend but mommy won't let me stay outide in the pasture with him all night cause I am sure she would miss me and Baylee well she would probably jump the fence and have a steak dinner the way she looks at them cows! I HAVE MISSED ALL OF YOU SO MUCH! I am sorry that I have not been around and I paw-a-jize. xoxoxoxoxo love Sami

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hi Friends! I have good news! We have sold our house and will be moving in a few weeks! Only a few miles from where we live now but from 1/2 acres to 5 acres with a pond. We are so excited and wanted to share the good news with my favorite friends! Mom has been so busy packing boxes and even some of my toys, can you believe packing my toys so early? I hope I like the new place but I am a little nervous. I will keep you updated! xoxoxo Sami

Saturday, July 4, 2009

HAPPY 4TH of July Friends

Baylee and I would like to wish all our friends a happy and safe July 4th! We love you!


Sami & Baylee

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today is my 4th barkday and I got lots of fun pressies. I got 3 squeaky tennis balls, a jolly ball and a pink octopus toy. I love them all. The best part is mommy is making my favorite foodies for din din, Pork tenderloin with mac and cheese. Oh, how yummy it will be and we are having a butter cake for dessert with some vanilla ice cream. Sorry no pictures mommy misplaced her camera. I hope all my friends have a fun day like me.

xoxoxox Sami

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fashion Show with Cassie....

Allie and me present fashions by Cassie...
Cassie in her lovely red dress with a bow, elegant looking isn't she?


Cassie with her blue backpack that carries her treats.

Stylin' Cassie with her black boots.

Lovely green shirt.

Lastly we had to post a picture of Dale's new hair cut!

Wow I wonder if he lost 2 pounds due to the new style? I think mommy used the HAIR-minator on him. LOL..HEE HEE Love Sami & Allie! xoxoxo

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

xoxo Sami, Baylee and family

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Salmon treat for us, Allie's 11 too

Hi friends, Baylee here. We have been so busy as usual. This selling the house thing takes a lot of our time and we have shown it so much. I don't mind cause we all get to go for a ride to the barn to have lots of fun. Mommy says she is so tired of cleaning since the house has to be oh so clean and have fresh flowers and cookies made each time we show the house. Soon she promises us we will have lots of land to run and play on. We are so excited and can't wait! Plus w e will get to bring Justice, our horse to live with us. That has been what has kept us from blogging and we do miss you all so terribly.

Today we got a yummy treat and it was fishy I tell you! Can you guess what we got? Salmon and boy was it delic... I was the first done.

Wonder why I look so sad in the above picture?

I just got finished eating my salmon and I was hoping Cassie would see my sad face and leave me a little of hers. Do you think she will? She did, wasn't that so nice? I just love that kitty! She shares all the time with me!

We also celebrated Allie's 11th birthday April 1st! This is a picture of her cake. I will tell you it was yummy every last crumb!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Allie doing Cross Country jumps with Justice

Justice and Allie coming around the corner

Second Jump, don't they jump high?

This was a log over a ditch that they jump. It looked scary to me!

xoxoxo Sami

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tweety...Our Blue Dutch Love bird...

Baylee here...

I want to introduce you to our new family member......

Come on Tweety don't be shy and let mommy take a picture for our blog...okay?

This is our new love bird named Tweety. We got Tweety a little over a month ago, he is a baby.

Tweety loves to sit on Allie's finger. What do you think of our new family member?
Love you guys! Baylee

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am back....

Hi Friends! Guess what? Allie has been going to the barn a lot and Mommy takes me and lets me see all the horses. Baylee got to go last week but she barked and barked and wouldn't stop talking to the horses. Mom says she has to work on her manners before she can go back. We have other news we have listed our house for sell and we will be moving to a huge farm soon and mommy says that we we love it and get to explore lots of sniffies. Allie would like a pond and so would I so hopefully Mommy and Daddy will keep that in mind too. What else should I ask for? Some duckies to chase? Chickens? Oh, I love chicken nuggets...mmmmmm

Mommy has packed a lot of our stuff and put in storage and silly mom cannot find her charger to charge her camera. So know pictures today, sorry friends. Mommy is being a slacker. Plus she seems to have caught Allie's cold and has been resting in bed all day but I got to rest beside her and I have been taking care of her.

Maybe now she will let me catch up on riding all my friends blogs.

xoxoxo love you all SAMI

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Busy times for us

Hi Friends I just wanted to let you know that we are all fine but have been very busy lately. You see my hoomans have decide to sell the house and buy a farm with a barn and Mom hasn't had anytime to blog at all. Hopefully soon as she gets the stuff done around the house and the house listed then she promises to let us catch up with our friends. She says Sunday is the day that our friend the realtor will be coming over to get the paperwork started to list our house. We are very excited about moving to a HUGE yard and we can't wait. We miss all you guys and will blog soon we promise. Oh by the way we have an ice storm and lots of snow and school was cancelled today and also tomorrow. Baylee loves the snow but me not so much and made dad shovel the deck before I would go potty this morning. Hee hee!

Love you guys!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sami and her toy fur wrap

Finally my turn to blog, Baylee here! I couldn't wait to post this picture of Sami with her furry toy on her, doesn't she look so silly? I thought so. Look at hers eyes as the picture was taken looking like a green zombie monster! Hee hee!

Let me tell you Allie has been at the barn every day to ride her horse and I tell you we get know attention and no time to blog. It is so unfair! My hooman bother isn't feeling well, he might have a kidney stone so he has got to stay home from school for a few days but he seems to be better now. Mom has been so busy with so called work but she is just hogging the computer, right Sami? Well I am glad to get this time to blog and hopefully will get to tomorrow.

Miss you guys! xoxox Baylee