Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baylee here reporting on the new pets!

Lilly our new Kitty we rescued is so funny. She will not stay out of the Christmas Tree!

Sami will not leave the presents alone and keeps begging mommy for a present but no luck!

Baylee here, what have we been up too? I do have to tell you that we got the barn ready and we have 3 horses now, yelpers I said 3. Justice and our 2 new ones are Buddy the pony and Payten. Buddy Mom found at a rescue place called New beginnings. He was left to starve from his previous owners but luckily rescued by a very nice lady at New Beginnings. Buddy is a haflinger/quarter pony. Payten is Daddy's horse and she loves me. Everytime I go outside she meets me by the pasture. Such a sweet horse. Justice well you know Allie had him boarded with her trainer but now he is home with us. So now we have us 2 dogs, 2 kitty cats, 1 lovebird and 3 horses...It is a good thing we moved to the farm! Thats all I got to say! Pictures of horse are below:

Justice, Payten, Allie and Buddy

Justice and Payten

Our Allie Girl!

I hope all our friends have happy holidays and a Merry Christmas! Love Baylee & Sami and family. xoxoxo