Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rolex, Sami falls a sleep on the job

This was Allie's first time going to Rolex and she wasn't sure if she could take me since I am a doggie but come to find out doggies can go and next year Mommy and Allie promised I could go with them. Allie ask me to share some pictures of her day on my bloggie, of course I will cuz she will give me a juicy treat, right Allie?

Do you think that Allie and her friends were excited about being at Rolex? That is all she talked about when she got home. I had to steal her shoe to get her attention, sorry Allie but a dogs got to do what a dogs got to do to get attention! Am, I right fellow friends?

Man would look at this Jump, how do horses get over it? It is Huge I tell you!

Don't think I would attempt this job..oh no not me.. "Hush Baylee I am not a scaredy cat!" Just keep you jaws closed and let me finish reading my blog! Sorry friends for the rude interruption from Baylee. Now where was I, oh yeah look below at this fellow, he is king of the Jump!

King of the Jump

Allie says this is a basket the horses have to jump through on the cross country course

Looks like this fellow has some mighty powerful hind legs, wouldn't you say?
Wouldn't want to be behind this horse.

Allie want me to share her favorite all time rider and sport pony at Rolex. This is Karen O'Connor on famous Teddy. Teddy is the first sport pony to run with the big boys and has won Olympic medals and Rolex a few times.

The above picture is really why I posted Allie's Rolex photo's. She was donating money to help the homeless animals.

How nice of the Rolex people to raise money for homeless pets.

Ok, see this adorable fellow? She begged Mom to take him home but mommy said she would love too but we just can't have more doggies right now, whew that was close I already have to share my blog with Sami and all and I don't need any other dogs to look after right now. But luckily he was adopted that day and was going home to be with a lucky family. Now don't get me wrong I would like some more brothers and sisters but first I need a larger yard.

So that was a day at Rolex without me....but next year I will be there, oh yea!

I am getting sleepy so sleepy...

Baylee here...look I caught Sami red handed...she fell asleep on the job...gesh...she needs all the blog helpers she can get if she can't stay awake long enough to finish it! Look at her looks pointed...elf doggie..heehee.....shh don't tell her I was making jokes about her but hey she is the one who fell asleep and I had to finish her post..Heheee ...oh Sami just joking, I love you!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Soccer Dog Sami

See what I have friends? Hee hee it's Allie sock.

Then Mommy put it on my foot...mean mommy..but I got that sock off! So take that Mommy!

Soccer Dog Sami here, like my ball?

Watch Soccer Dog Sami in action!

Soccer is so much fun!

Now, I am gonna post some video's of my Allie on a horse named Lady. I told Allie I would add these video's for her so that she can show all our friends.

Okay, below she is jumps more jumps on Lady.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Take that Water Monster..I am gonna get that water..yeah baby it's all mine!

Yeah, come on squirt me...

Oh Yeah, that feels good, Baylee come join in on the fun..
Oh Sami, me no like-a that strange water monster thing...think I will stay back here. Oh, Baylee your such a chicken and missing out on all the fun!

See look Baylee, I can shoot water back at that water monster. Take that water monster!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Special teddy and huh? Me a spot stealer?

Me and Mom's special Teddy Bear. She says it is special since my hoomans got it for her and when you squeeze the bears hand and you can hear my hoomans saying, "I Love You." So I sneak up and steal her spot on the bed, hee hee...she calls me a spot stealer and gives me lots of pettings and massages and hugs.

I usually do this every night while she is getting ready for bed.

But tonight Moms was taking to long and I got tired.

Then I feel a sleep, oh boy does this bear make a good pillow..Goodnight friends...sweet dreams......Mommy will just have to sleep on my doggie bed tonight. Hee hee.. hardy har har...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Doggie Spa products, circle around the tree and a word from Baylee

Mom went to the beauty supply place and bought home lots of doggies products to make us boo-t-ful. I am smelling the conditional and I am not sure because it smells good enough to eat! It is oatmeal conditioner.

Mom has some made by the same guy and assured me it will be good for our fur. She said it is a new product out and if you look really close on the bottles it says, "Cruelty Free" tested on Humans First! Mommy thought that was cool! She also got these wipes for our teefies and they aren't bad, have a peppermint taste. Way better then when she brushes our teefies!

Hey, Baylee come play with me!

Okay, but I want to play chase around the circle

Baylee here- Sami, I thought you wanted to play? Isn't this circle so neat that we made? It was so hard and took days to make this awesome circle. Come on girl, I will let you Chase me first!
Sami got so jealous that I got to go see the doggie doctor the other day but it wasn't all fun I told her. I had a hot spot under the skin of my lower lip and they had to shave my lower lip hair and gave me a not so fun shot. Then if they hadn't been mean enough they gave mommy some pills to give me not once but twice a day and some oopy gooey stuff to put on the side of it. Mommy tries to be slick about giving the pill and slide it in turkey but I am to smart and eat the turkey and spit the pill out and she has to give me another piece of turkey and then I take my pill. Silly mommy I get 2 pieces of turkey out of her every time! Heeheee Don't worry friend I am feeling all better and it is healing nicely mommy tells me!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Allie's 10th Birthday..WOOF..

Today was Allie's 10th Birthday and we had so much fun and ate lots of yummy things.
First..I wrapped Allie's presents from me and Baylee.
This wrapping is sure hard to do with just 2 paws! Hey....Baylee can I get a little help here? Of course Baylee was busy snoozing so I had to wrap the present all by myself.

I think I can do it by holding with my paw and pushing the ends together with my nose.

There....Okay, I got it... almost done!
This is making me so sleepy...wrapping presents takes a lot of work!
I carried Allie's present to her...sorry for the slobbers Allie!

Allie opening our present, we were so excited and wanted to help her hurry up!
Sure was worth it when Allie opened our present. Do you think she liked it? It was a white gold necklace with a heart. It took such a long time surfing online stores trying to find just the right present for our Allie.
See the Kitty Cat cake Mom got from the Bakery? A Kitty Cat cake? What's up with that Mom?
Mom Here-Sorry Sami, Allie wanted a doggie cake but they couldn't do one so she said a Kitty is would be want she wanted then.
Do you see the most yummy birthday dinner Allie wanted Mom to make for her special day? This is what we got too! Mom wouldn't let us have the bone in the baby back ribs, no fair Mom! I don't care for that green stuff they call asparagus Baylee sure likes it! Afterwards we got ice cream but no cake since Mom says we dogs can't have chocolate but the ice cream was so yummy so I am okay with not getting to eat cake.

Allie opening her presents...notice she puts the bow on the table and I sneak and get it! It is so pretty I just can't resist. Oh, Mom is learning to put you tubes in my blog and well it seems otherr peoples videos with the name Allie in them come up in the end after the movie plays, does anyone know how we can fix this so that only our videos display after the video finishes?

Allie got this big red thing called an electric guitar and it sure is noisy!