Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My first Valentine from Powder-Puff Thank you so so Much!

Mommy, Oh Mommy hurry looky it's my first doggie Valentine. Isn't it so boot-i-full! Thank you so much Powder-Puff! I luv it! You're the best!

What pretty white fur you have Powder-Puff. You did such a nice job making the Valentine, you're an artist, right?

Oh, I just can't quit looking at it, it is just so lovely. Those lips wow are just simply georgous! Girl you will have to tell me the secret to getting my lips to look like that! They look so kissable! My sista Baylee say she wants lips like that too cuz Mango would love them!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baylee time and Picture for Mango & Sami's attack of the Loofa doggie

Yeah , Loofa DOGGIE take that...hiya...you not getting away from me.

I got you in a puppy trap loofa doggie and I will finish chewing off your other leggie. Then you won't be getting away from me...so take that! Hope mom doesn't look to close at my nails she would say they needed trimming but I would say nope to that!

Yelp, this loofa doggie is under attack! While, I get to work attacking this loofa doggie I am gonna let my sista Baylee say a few words.

Wait..wait...not sure if I like her getting all the attention...okay I will go back to attacking the loofa and let her talk. Mom says, I need to share the blog like yeah..well maybe okay.

I will just sit her and keep an eye on her while I let her do the doggie blog thing. I got my eye on you Baylee!

Hello doggie pals! I finally convenienced Mom and Sami I can blog too. So Sami has agreed to share her blog with me but notice in the above a few picture she is looking at me. Oh, well look away sista cuz it is me time. First I wanted to show you my favorite toy, it's a football! See it has a red birdie on it? Well, it is because my daddy went to University of Louisville..hum special right? I like it cuz it is big just like me!

I love to try to get that birdie off! Oh this football smells so good! Oh yea it is mine!

Me getting love from Allie. Gosh I just love her! She always gives me yummy treats and loves on me. Oh, how I love to be loved on. I am a lovie dovie girl!

I have one more picture for my new friend Mango. Mango this picture below is for your eyes!

I wanted to give a full body pose for you! Darn mom cut off my tail in the picture. It is nice and full!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lazy Baylees big mouth, My ball and my ball only!

Hooman sis Allie with my sista Baylee, isn't Baylee tall. She has the biggest mouth I have ever seen. Man can she woof her food right down before I eat one bite. Slow down girl enjoy the flavor like me. I savor every morsel.

Did I tell you Baylee is lazy too? She is always taking snoozes. See what I mean? Lazy I tell you! I have to beg her to play!

My tennis ball, yelp all mine...mine mine mine...come and try to get it! I just love my ball more then any other toy.

Lets Play...I got the ball

Sista Allie giving Daddy new hip hair doo. He is being a brave guinea pig. I guess he is too busy on his computer playing WoW. What ever that is. Just as long as she keeps that bottle of goop away from me. Heehee oh watch near the end sista Bayee ia brave soul and wants a new doo too. I hope she gets one of those crazy doo's too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Back Scratcher & Mom's Moon Cakes

Sista Allie is showing off the new Moon Cake Mold that Mom ordered in the mail for her. She was watching this TV Disney movie and saw these yummy looking moon cakes and wanted to try to make some. So Mommy ordered a Moon Cake Mold and is going to the store tomorrow to get the stuff to make them. I can't wait to try them too!

Oh how nice of the people who she ordered the Moon Cake mold gave her some Chop Sticks for my sista Allie and Brother too. And wait they even gave her something for me, guess what?

I will give you a hint my sista Allie is holding it in her hand in the above picture, see it? Come on please just please don't tease me....

Close up....... look at the wooden like hand!

Oh, yeah it is a back scratcher! A little to the right, oh here let me just show you...oooooo that feels soooooo good! Thank you store people for putting this in mommy's order. I just love this wooden hand!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

sleep lazy days

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Boy my bed looks awful cozy! Think I will take a nap-e-poo. Yelp, it is another one of those lazy days. Mommy is going to make us some yummy cookies today I will just nap until she gets them done! Hurry up mom!

Hey but don't forget to wake when when the cookies are done! Ahhh, this is the life!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

First Day of OB class I had so much FUN!

This is me and my Human sis Allie, her and mom tooks turns with me at my OB class. Mom did the first 30 minutes and Allie the last 30 minutes. Of course I listened to them both and I breezed right threw that class.

I was so excited I was the only dog drooling all over the mat. I drool and basically have all kinds of bubbles come out of my mouth. See my tongue hanging out? It was so hot for a winters day and plus the trainer said someone turned up the heat to 90 degrees! I think it was that little Jack Russle Terrier ..hehehe just kidding! He was such a friendily guy and wanted to jump all over me but I just kinda stayed my distance, if ya know what I mean!

See that cute pug? He was struting his stuff man I tell you! Of course he is the trainers prize winning dog. Hey...even I would sit if I saw the trainer lady coming my way. My trainer lady is in the picture in the white t-shirt. I liked her!

I am such a good listener and stayed! Come on give me something hardier! Mom said that I would probably have it easy in this class because I am already so smart and know a lot of the stuff but she said we have to work our way up to agility classes.
I know what you all are talking about now when you say those beginners, they were all over the place and acting all crazy but not me. Even the lady outside with a male golden who was waiting for her daughter said she doesn't like newbies...only because her dog was very nervous around other doggies. She said he was a rescued dog that guarded chicken coops..awww how sad..but I was so happy because she seemed to love him and had him since he was 1 and now is 2.
The trainer was big into giving treats as rewards but mommy was worried because I have no interest in treats when I am so excited but the trainer lady said that she could praise me, which she does anyways.
Let me tell you friends when we got home I woofed down that chicken meat treats she had made for me as soon as I got in the door. But of course...yeah... I had to share with Baylee since mom said it was only fair. Geez.....I did all the hard work for 1 hour while Baylee sit on her butt and was being lazy at home with dad. Some dogs have it easy. Hehe for now cuz I heard mom tell sista Allie that Baylee is going to start OB traing after I get this 7 weeks done.....heheheheee!

Okay, I got to go to my favorite place in the whole world, Petsmart and got to do some shopping.... I picked a few treats out!
Come on take the picture already and let me start sniffing the stuff! See all those pretty little things behind me?
All yeah if you all wondering what the black harness thigy is, well mommy makes me wear the stupid, not stylish thing when I ride in the Jeep to keep me safely in my seat belt so she says.
It is not like I am a wild dog or anything and won't even stick my head out the window like most dogs do! You know those windows go up and down out of know where like there is some magic button mommy has to control them and I am not having any part of that either. Do you stick your head out the window?
Maybe mommy will post more she tells me she has been very busy and well it has been storming here like crazy. So crazy the wind blew her patio table over and threw it up to the fence and glass shattered everywhere. Boy that was a mess and she wouldn't let us dogs go outside until she got it all cleaned up. So unfair, wouldn't you say? Hugs & Licks Sami