Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hi Friends! I hope you are all getting lots of treats and new toys! My mom and I have been very busy! We have started a high end leather dog collar business name Poochie Smoochies   I am the Poochie Smoochies model and I have been busy modeling collars our collars.  I am wearing my new collar from the, "My Forever Dog" series that mom designed after me. How exciting, right?  I am super excited and could not wait to tell all you, my friends!

 The leather is Latigo leather, Swarovski Crystals with solid brass nickel overlay hardware. So you can see why I have not been blogging lately and been working hard. Mommy loves me so much and wants to create something that I have inspired while offering all dogs everywhere a designer collar with style that all us dogs deserve! I am one lucky dog that is loved to pieces! 

So go ahead and check out our new online store! Poochie Smoochies "Give the BEST to US dogs!