Friday, December 26, 2008

Making Christmas cookies and pressies

Dale handing me one of my pressies.
Baylee didn't want to have anything to do with pressies and she only wanted foodies and treats in her socking. See her woofing down her goodies?
I on the other hand couldn't get enough of opening pressies. Baylee showing off some cool socks Allie got her. Silly huh?
Cassie loved her toy and spent hours chasing the mouse that went around in circles. She even got a new food and water bowls.

Then we me, Allie and Casey moved on to the making of the yummy sugar cookies.

I don't mind being the taste tester and thought I had the best job. I hope all my friends had a happy Christmas like we did!

Allie ask me to post her video of her first show with Justice so all our friends can see it. They won 3 first place ribbons, 1 second and 2 metals. Awesome Allie and Justice!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas to my friends!

Baylee come look at mommy she wants to take our picture!

Okay time for me to give Allie a kiss and tell her I love her!

See how silly my eyes look? I was looking to see if Cassie was coming to get her picture taken with us.

Okay Mom, hurry and take the picture

Okay now please take just one more picture now since Dale & Cassie have joined us. We are a very happy family! We hope all our friends get lots of foodies and toys from Santa.
xoxoxox SAMI & Baylee

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Great news..Allie found her horse!

Hi friends! I just have to tell you about our new family member. He is a 8 year old Paint horse named, Justice. Allie has been riding him for over a week and he is a keeper! I guess Allie has started training on him. I heard that he loves to jump! I only jump when it is to catch a tennis ball and then I can jump very high. I wonder if Justice could catch a tennis ball??I ask if Justice could come live in the backyard, but mom says he has to stay at the barn until we get our own barn and farm size yard! Can you believe that, at the barn. Baylee and I can't live at he barn, just no fair. But really I love living in the cozy house with my family. Maybe, I will get to visit the barn soon.

Below is a video of Allie when she first rode Justice at Raintree Ranch to see if he was the one. I hear Mom say that these people are very nice at Raintree Ranch and she would highly recommend them to others who are looking for a horse. They just started selling hunter/jumper and showing horses.

Allie ask me to put this video of with her first riding in the arena with Justice. I have to say that Mom didn't do tell well on the video and it is kinda fuzzy.

I am also excited to tell you we have started receiving Christmas cards from you all my friends and my hoomans are so jealous that we get way more then they do..heehee Mom has been slacking again with us blogging and I sat her straight tonight and made her take our picture by the Christmas tree and get them printed out and mail our Christmas cards. I gave her Monday as the deadline to get them in the mail so you my friends won't think me and Baylee forgot you because that could never happen when you have awesome friends like you all! You're guys are the best!

xoxox and lots of treats! Sami

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baylee reporting here on the home front..

Baylee reporting about news on the home front: Friends we are sorry to say that Bonnie the horse wasn't meant for Allie and we had to return her to find the owner she was meant to be with. Luckily the lady whom we bought Bonnie from gave us a 7 day trial to see if she was the right horse for Allie but sad to say she wasn't. Anyways we are hoping we find the horse that was meant for Allie so keep your paws crossed!
We have some sad news too.... a horse named Penny at the Tuscany Hollow Stables Barn where Allie takes lessons and rides went over to the Rainbow Bridge to join our loved ones who have passed. Penny who was a 32 year old Quarter horse passed away peacefully in her sleep. Penny was a rescued horse that was abused but luckily found a loving and caring home at Tuscany Hollow stables around 15 years ago with her devoted owner Mandy.

Mango, honey this picture is for you! See the serious look I am giving mommy to tell her she needs to find time to blog more often!
xoxoxox Baylee

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

News on the home front.....Allie got a horse!

Today was rather exciting, we have a new family member. Her name is Bonnie and she is a 10 year old Thoroughbred horse. This is an early Christmas present. I wonder if me and Baylee get an early present, huh? Mom if your reading this then a early present.
Bonnie gets to come to her new home this Friday. She won't be with us till we move but she will be at a very large barn with other horses but we will get to see her, hopefully soon, right mommy? The pictures were taken today at her current home. So you can see lots of excitement here!

I would like to thank my best buddy, Thor for this special friendship award! Thor the award means so much since it came from you! We love you! xoxoxxo
I would like to wish all my friends a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and wish of lots of yummy foodies tomorrow, especially yummy turkey! Oh, Mango Baylee is begging mom to take a picture of her just for YOU! Love you all! xoxoxo Sami and Baylee too!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am missing my friends!

Hi friends! Mommy has been so busy lately and no time to blog at all. Sorry! She promises me we will catch up soon with our friends! We want you to know we are thinking about all of you and we will be blogging soon!

We love you and miss you!
Sami & Baylee

P.S We have a new family member, Allie got a love birdie! We will post pictures soon as Mommy lets me get close enough to take some pictures! I might have to sneak them! Heeheee x0x0x Sami

Friday, November 14, 2008

Our new cousin, Peanut...

We have had so much playing with our cousin, peanut. Peanut Hound & Terrier Mix. He is a puppy but does he have some energy. Sami has met her match!

Peanut & Sami tugging for a toy. Wonder who will win?

I decided to help the little guy out and give a baylee tug. Peanut did he best to take it away from Sami. Man that little pup is strong.

Okay, look who ended up with the toy. I think he might be part super alien pup, what do you think?
xoxoxo Baylee

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Allie at horse park, me and my new shoes

My new toy...oh I love it and red is one of my favorite colors.

My sis Allie at the Octoberfest horse eventing trials at Kentucky Horse Park

Allie doing her Dressage test. She did well and didn't make any errors!
Below is a video of me in my new shoes. Hear Mommy & Allie laugh in the back ground? They are being meanies, huh laughing at the way I am walking. After getting use to my new shoes I really do love them and now it is much easier to make on the sidewalk on my walkies.

We have been so busy here and I apologize for not blogging as much. You see our Uncle & Aunt and cousin and their puppy Peanut have moved her from Texas and will be staying with us until they get use to the area and find a house. I have pictures soon of Peanut soon to post on my blog. Love you, Sami

Monday, October 27, 2008

Awards & Pictures of traveling to Western Kentucky

Award from Thor! Thank you so much Thor, we love you!
Mom finally let me blog, thank you so much mommy! I am posting pictures of us in the Jeep while we traveled to Western Kentucky to visit our grandparents.
Me and Cassie got to seat with Allie and Dale. It was so much fun!

Daddy talking on the phone while traveling, of course he heard it from Mommy. Mommy doesn't like when he talks and drives.

Okay, Allie gave me some attention between reading her book and listening to her ipod.

I got the most attention from my new sis, Cassie.

Cassie and I are very good pals. I think she thinks I am her mamma.

She kept trying to clean me and give me kisses.

Baylee was lucky and got the back all to herself and like to tease me about how she got more room then me. I told her I was fine cuz I was by Cassie.

I was very clean when we arrived at our grandparents, Cassie made sure I looked my best!

I am so happy to be back blogging cuz I sure missed all my friends!

xoxoxo SAMI

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My favorite, "R," words! I miss my friends!

I was given the letter R by Lorenza. I am supposed to list 10 things that I love that start with the letter R. I have to make a combination of words in English and Spanish to complete my list

1. Rubber Tennis Balls-- I love to have them in my mouth, throw me one and I will happily
chase it!
2. Rabbits- I love to chase them.
3. Rocks- although mommy takes them away from me when I find one in the backyard
4. Rain I love to play in the rain
5. Run I love to run very fast
6. Ride I love car rides
7. roast beef-- oh it is droolicious
8. rawhides- I love to chew them up
9. race I love to race Baylee and I always win
10. retriever- of course I love to retrieve things

Thanks Lorenza! Sorry it took me so long to post them but we went away to visit my grandparents and Mommy has been so busy with work day and night, she says she is catching up but I think she is just playing around on her computer and not wanting to share. Friends she promises to let us blog soon! xoxox Sami I miss my FRIENDS...please don't forget about us :(

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Family Member, Cassie..the Cat

Mommy, Dale and Allie went to Petsmart without me, can you believe that, visiting a pet store with out taking the pets? I am confused. Then they came home with a new friend for us. Her name is Cassie and she is a 12 week old kitten. Woodstock Animal Rescue saved her and we made her apart of our family. Mom says she is Dale's kitty but we will all get to love her. In the pictures she in brother Dale's room. Mom took the pictures because I have only been able to see her once. I was told she has to get use to her new environment and she will be introduced to us slowly, not fair. I promised Mommy we would give her lots of love and stay calm but she still won't let us play with her.

This is brother Dale and all he wanted was to rescue a kitty for his 17th birthday. Of course his birthday isn't till November 6 but he spotted this kitty in need of a home and couldn't stop talking about her to mom.

I hear she is very playful and energetic so I am sure Casie and I will have lots of fun together and I can't wait till Mommy lets us play with her. Does any of my friends have kitties? xoxox Sami

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Staring Big Dog & Lil Sis

Our first Movie, "Big Dog with Lil Sis." Coming to theaters soon! Look Lorenza me and Allie are movie stars!

Wanted: Shoe thief - Sami AKA, "Golden Girl," 48 Lbs Golden Retriever, soft light golden fur. Last seen stealing Mom's Under Armour tennis shoe. Don't let the wagging tail fool you or the cute loveable face. Very fast and will run circles around you. If you see her don't be fooled, pee mail me Baylee. I will catch her.

Reward: 1 big fat tastey chicken with juicy legs. Please help us stop this shoe bandit!

Have you seen the shoe bandit?

Thanks so much for the fun photo link Lorenza. Friends you can have fun too with your pictures at: Photofunia

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hi Friends, What heartworm prevention do you use?

I am feeling better today and ate some chicken and a piece of ham it was yummy. My was so happy and she said I was such a good girl! Last night after she gave me my medicine she was worried cause burbed up a little so she called the Dr today and they said to me 1/2 dose of the Panacur, that yulky white medicine that is the most nasty stuff I have ever tasted but I took it like a good girl but I sure let her know that it tasted nasty with the face I made after she squirted it down my throat. I have even played today and has mommy throw my tennis ball a few times in the house. My says that I no longer can play with my balls outside because if it is true I have whipworm then it lives for 5+ years in the soil, so it is very important that all poop does not stay in the yard and she will be right behind us with a plastic baggie every time, like I won't get no privacy at all, usually she picks up every few days but not now she says. I never poop on my walkies or at other places I go, only in my back yard. Okay I may be strange but even when I visited my Grandmas I will wait for days till I get back in my yard, oh how I love my yard where nobody can see my booty due it's business! Hee hee booty business, hardy har!

Tomorrow is clean the back yard and mommy is getting rid of all our backyard toys but not to worry she say and promised to buy me new toys. She order us new shoes that we will wear outside and anytime we go out of the house. Below is the picture of them:

They are Ruff Wear Bark' n Boots. She got them at Backyard K-9 She got Baylee a pair too, in the pretty red. Baylee is getting poop inspection done too just to make sure she isn't getting sick. I can't wait to get them cause Mommy won't let me go for walkies until I have them and then germ-e's won't get on my paws and in my mouth when I lick my paws! Great thinking mommy. I wish they had the shoes in pretty pink color. Now that would be stylish, huh?

Friend I need to know what kind of Heartworm prevention are you on? I am on Wormshield which protects from heartworms along with hook and roundworms. This is what my doggie Dr. prescribes but Mommy has done research and she found 2 different kinds. The first is Intercepor, which protects against the same worms but also whipworm and then the other is Sentinel which also protects against the same worms as Interceptor but also has added flea protection. Do any of you guys have experience with any of these heartworm prevention medications? Mommy is so concerned that if I do have whipworms that they are very hard to get rid of because re -infestation is so easy since the worm eggs survive in the ground for 5+ years. So friends I am asking you to let me know if you have any experience with these medications? I am a golden and love to chase and put things in my mouth and now mommy says no playing with my toys outside but I think she would let me if I am protected against those nasty whipworms! Please let me know Thanks Friends!, you're the best!

xoxox Sami

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am feeling better today..

Hi friends! Sorry I haven't been blogging lately but I have been sick. I went to the doggie doctor yesterday. Mom was worried I wasn't eating and I had the poops. I lost 4 pounds since 3 months ago when I had my 6 month check up. The doctor is blaming it on the time I went to the doggie park Tom Sawyer because she has seen a lot of dogies getting sick from park. Mommy told her she only took me once and after the giardia scare she would not let me go back. After the trip to the park she took me to the dr. then cause I had the poops afterwards,but then I was treated for a bacteria infection. Oh, I really liked that park too. The doctor said she doesn't take her doggies to the doggie park ever. The park seemed nice and well keep. Hoomans cleaned up after their doggies and members only to get with security code to .I guess no place is safe from those cootie worm eggs. Mommy says she will just have to get us slippers that we where only outside and no shoes allowed inside the house. See all the medicine I have to take but mommy hasn't gave me the 2 of the meds cause they are for an upset tummy and I have ate something today so she says as long as I eat I don't have to take them. Well enough about the park. The doctor came to the conclusion I might have whip worm cause she seen a lot of cases from the park. It appears this meanie of a worm is hard to find and wasn't to be found anywhere in my poop.
Well the doctor did find anything in my poop but still insisted I take all this medicine. Panacur for 3 days and again 3 weeks from now and then again 3months from now, along with Metronidazole 2x daily and then more pills to make my stomach feel better so I can eat. I really hate that Panacur and try to spit it out...yulky...
Mommy gets upset when she gets a big bill and they didn't find anything in my poop but give me medicines for so call worms. She says, I am feeling better so that must be the problem. I am happy yo report Baylee is fine and still eats like a horse..sorry Baylee it is true.
So friends please be careful when you go to parks or other places other doggies have left their poop behind. Wash your paws afterwards and don't eat the dirt...I don't eat dirt but my balls roll around in it. No place safe for us doggies...the doggie doctor agreed but she also told Mommy what fun is it if a dog can't be a dog. Any suggestions on this matter? Please tell my mommy where she can find some comfy and stylish doggie shoes for us? xoxoxo Sami

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am so bored...

This weekend was so boring. Mom & Dad were busy running Allie around this weekend that we hardily saw them. It started Saturday with Games Day where Allie rides horses then they came home to feed us Din Dins and then had to rush out to Allie's baseball game which we git hit in the arm while she was up to date. They should have took me cause I would have caught that ball before it hit my Allie's arm. Not to worry she is fine. Sunday morning they left to take Allie to first Dressage show which we just got done watching as a family. I wanted to share it with my friends.

This was her very first Dressage test. She is getting ready for her first Event competition at Lexington Horse Park next month. She is so excited and I am hoping she will take me because they allow dogs! Oh, please Mommy can I go?? Now you can see why I was so bored all weekend! Kisses, Sami

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pressies from Amber-Mae, Chloe, Faith and their Mommy!

Look the Mailman delivered us, a package full of pressies from our dear friends Amber-Mae, Chloe, Faith and their Mommy Melissa.

Look Baylee come sniff and checkout our parcel. Thank you, oh Thank you Amber-Mae, Chloe, Faith be sure to give your Mommy lots of kisses from us to Thank her too! I just love getting mail. Oh, Mommy can we open it now, pretty please?

Baylee you want to help? Okay I will gladly open it myself. Oh, Boy I am so excited!

I really like opening packages!

See how good I am at unwrapping pressies?

Look at all the wonderful things we got! New collars for both me and Baylee. Yummy chicken treats, that were delic and we had to beg Mommy to give us more. Lovely flower for Allie and this awesome earring holder for Mommy, which by the way Mommy just loves and keeps talking about how lovely it is. We would like to thank you very much for thinking about us! You guys are the best!
I though I would show you the lovely letter. Amber-Mae your an artist too? Mommy was impressed with how well you drawled the gifts. Very talented she says and I have to agree.

I though maybe a close up look so you can see the wonderful pictures!

Baylee modeling her lovely collar, don't the colors look nice on her? Baylee says, Thank you guys for the very nice collar.

See my collar? It is so stylish and fits perfect! All the dogs in the neighborhood are going to be so jealous of my new collar. Hey, Mommy why don't you let us try the treats?

Okay I will take this bag and have it all to myself. What Mommy share with Baylee? But it is yummy salami's made with real chicken meat and you know I love chicken. What there is another bag of treats made with chicken and cheese, okay I will share if I get some of those too.

Please open them for us, now please? OMDOG they are so yummy. We ate almost half the bag and then Mommy said we have to save some for tomorrow. Can we try the others?

Mmmmm, oh talk about Delic, Amber did you make this chicken and cheese treats? They are so yummy, right Baylee?

Oh, yes Sami! I am in love see my eyes? Feed me more please!

Thank you all so much, we just love everything!

Oh yes, another treat...minty...My breath is so fresh!

I got one too! Hurry put in my mouth! Yummers!

Allie just loves her flower and was so excited because look at her shirt she had on today, it matches! Allie loves flowers, how did you know?
Baylee likes the flower too and tried to get Allie's flower...but Allie says Mine and wouldn't give it to Baylee. I knew we had something good in our package when the mailman didn't want to hand it over. He wouldn't let mommy open the door cause Baylee was growling at him and the mailman held the door and would let mommy open it. Mommy told him that we are friendly and won't bit but he said he wasn't taking any chances and only slide the paper through the door so mommy could sign for the package and instructed her not to open it to get the package until he was gone and even held the door so mommy couldn't open it till she agreed. I think he wanted to keep are pressies, don't you Amber-Mae? I just know he smelled those yummy chicken treats

Wasn't that so nice of Amber-Mae and family send us pressies? It felt like our Barkdays! THANK YOU! WE LOVE OUR PRESSIES! When we wear our collars we will think about you guys!