Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Noodle Attack

Baylee here and it is my turn to blog so I want to share my experience with the spaghetti noodle. I was determined to get that silly squirmy noodle Allie was holding, see how hard I am concentrating? While baby it was mine and I got it all right! It went right in my yummy yummy tummy and boy was it good!

See me get that noodle...I got plenty more too...yummy..I don't know why Sami doesn't like them. Do you like them?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Me at Allie's Camp Horse Show, so excited...oh yeah!

I am so excited! Guess where I got to go today? I got to go to Allie's Horse Camp show, my first show with her. Baylee got to stay with daddy for a bath but she got extra specials she says, but think she is jealous! Baylee likes to bark and bark at the horses and I think she scares them so that is probably why she couldn't go today.
See how I am concentrating so hard? I can't take my eyes off Allie and I watch her every move.

I kinda got worried about her jumping these big barrels and started to whine and tried to pull mommy so we could go make sure she was okay.

Okay Mommy calmed me down and I was more at ease and we got to take some more pictures.

I got to jump these jumps last time I was at the barn with Allie and I am a good jumper, Allie said so herself. Of course Allie wasn't on my back like she is with Bandit the pony.

This is a quick video of Allie jumping the barrels, see why I was so nervous? Mom was to I think since she was worried that Bandit just got back to the barn and has been out of the jumping for several months. Mom says Allie worked him out all week while she was at the barn for camp. I also heard Allie say that Bandit was being so stubborn and refused several times with the barrels but Mandy, Allie's trainer said that Allie was more stubborn then Bandit and made him listen, you go Allie, that's my Allie girl, isn't she the best?

Friday, June 13, 2008

I am 3 years old! My Barkday Pawty!

Mommy gave me a surprise pawty with Baylee and Allie's help. I loved it. I just wish my blog friends were there to share in on the fun too. I have posted lots of videos below my post so I can share the fun we had!

"Sami, do you want some water?" "Sure Allie" , I will take a drink of water, Oh its so cold, yummy!

"Sami" Get that hose before it gets us! I am trying Baylee but it is underwater, how can I get it?

Okay take that you hose! No more squirting me and Baylee! "Watch out Baylee the hose is coming your way!"

Did you get it, "Sami?" It's ours Baylee! What should we do to this hose?

Oh, it got away...Look out...
I got you now!

Baylee enjoying the pool before it feels up with water.
I had the most yummiest Cheese Cake ever...yes Mommy it was your best cheese cake you have made but where is the whip cream? I got to eat my cake before dinner, yelp sure did!

My dinner was a few of my favorites, Mac & lots of cheese, chicken and some roasted pork tenderloin. I ate every yummy morsel.My new barkday stuffie but I loved the paper the most!
I couldn't wait to start to break my new stuffie in! Hee hee!
Baylee was guarding the door so no intruders would come take my new stuffie! Thank You Baylee! Your the best!

Me smiling with my new toys. See the doggie beside me? Allie and Mommy made that for me at Build A Bear but not sure why it wasn't called Build a Doggie since the made me a doggie unless they thought it was a bear. Silly huh? Well it is special so I put it in my doggie bed and sleep onit at night to take real good care o it because it has Mommy and Allie's vice on it telling me they love me and it is so soft!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sh..tomorrow is Sami's Barkday and we are surprising her!

Hello friends tomorrow is Sami Barkday and she will be 3 and we are having a surprise PAWTY for her. Mommy spent the day baking a cheese cake...and she wouldn't let me sample it to make sure it taste yummy for tomorrow so not fair, not at all! We got Sami a build-a-bear cause she loves Mommy and sleeps on it but it is a big secret so don't tell her! She is busy snoozing now so she won't see this blog till tomorrow! So HAPPY BARKDAY SAMI! WE LOVE YOU!
I have decided to post some of Sami's baby picture!

Sami learning to shake hands with Allie.

Oh my human brother told Sami, "Oh Sami you will be 21 in hooman years so you should get some beer." Mom said, ha, ha you wish..really she was talking to my hooman brother cause he is only 16 years old and he is dreaming he is 21.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tricked by Mom...doggie vet torture we will tell you all about it!

Our day was off to a great start when I heard mom say, "you wanna go for a ride?" Duh, lets go mom. When she pulled into the Petsmart parking lot I was all excited because we could shop. But mommy tricked us and had previously made plans with our doggie doctor to get us our teeth cleaned and annual shots and all that not so fun stuff. Mommy had to drop us off and leave us all day, of course I know mommy doesn't like to leave us and I heard her tell the doggie nurse that she would like to put us up ASAP whatever that means, but I am sure it means right away cuz she needs us to look after her. Then the doggie doctor said that we had to take us a nap-e-poo, Okay I thought but it better be quick! Then we woke up and mommy was here but we were both still so sleepy but very happy to see mommy and Allie. The doggie doctor told mommy that we are in perfect health!

Allie was holding me while the doggie doctor came in to tell mommy how our torture day went! I am so glad my Allie is here. I was looking at the door hoping she would hurry up and bring my sister Baylee. I just needed to make sure she was okay and talk to her about the torture and how mommy tricked us.

Us so ready to go and get home. See Baylee in her gentle leader collar? When she wears it she walks so nicely. See the bandages on our leggies? This is were the meanies stuck us to give us our nap-e-poos while they cleaned our teeth, not nice huh? Not at all!

Come on Allie lets just go!

Come on mommy, what are you waiting for? Why are you paying them money when all they did was give us shots and give us a nap-e-poo? Not worth it I tell you so lets just take that money and get some tennis balls and bully sticks! Come Mommy, good mommy!

Just look at my pit-t-full eyes, see mommy what they done to us!

See my leg? They shaved my pretty fur and now I have a bald spot, the nerve!

They even did the same thing to Baylee, look she has freckles on her skin. She has pretty skin, do you think mommy should shave her? Oh Bayee don't worry I was just joking trying to get you to smile.

What will all the other doggies think when they see us?

Mommy felt so bad so she gave us a new toy when we got home, see mine? I will take it now mommy, thank you!

Look at poor tired Baylee, she was to tired to play with her new toy! Poor thing! I hope we don't have to go back to that place anytime soon or at all for that matter! We are just so glad to be back home, sweet home, right Baylee? That's right Sami!

UPDATE on Uncle Chris, he is still in critcial condition but doing lots better. He lost like 40 units of blood during surgury and the nurse says he is a miracle. He will be in the hospital for atleast 2 more months and has a long recovery ahead of him. We would like to say thank you to all our friends for the prayers, they help cause he is getting better! THANK YOU!