Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Special Doggie bowl for me & Boo Bear aka Baylee

I wanted to share a picture of the new food bowls that the post man dropped off today! I don't think we would have got them from the UPS man. Since Baylee scared the jeepers out of him last delivery. We have a glass see through door and he can on the pouch to deliver the package and sista Baylee runs up and jumps on the door barking like she was gonna eat him and he backed away leaving the package on the edge of the steps. She would hurt a flea..just looks like she would! She is such a baby! Heheheehehe

Mommy said these were special bowls that she had made for us. As you can see she had them paint a golden retriever in mine with my name. I can't wait to eat dinner out of it tonight. I am thinking special bowls, special dinner? Maybe, some steak or chicken.heehehehe

Side picture of my bowl

Hey, where is the food? A bowl without food, not sure I like it! I do see one goldfish cracker, what's up with that mom? I will starve on that teeny weenie cracker!

Baylee's bowl, see the Saint Bernard?

Baylee chowing down on her crackers.

Mom said she was so upset because she had something special wrote on the bottom of the bowls and they didn't get Dad's name on there. Well they kinda did since his name is Dale, but to us he is daddy. Sigh, we still love it mom! Now we will love it more with some yummy juicy delic dinner, please??
Licks & Kisses,
I would like to send my friends a Valentine card so if you would like one from me? You don't have to send me one but I would like to send you one. Just send me your doggie info to my email. Bark..Woof I hope my friends get some yummy din dins tonught!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Treat Recipe, Dog tennis and huggable Me!

Picture of me giving my sis, Ali a big hug and slobbery Kiss. She was modeling her cow girl outfit for me. Doesn't she just look huggable! I couldn't resist! Can you see I am tallest? Heehee, Baylee can't do this because she is to big! I guess there are some good being smaller then my lil sis Baylee the St. Bernard!

Do your humans make yummy treats for you? I bet they do so I talked mommy into sharing her yummy recipe with all my doggie friends. they were so droolicious!
Here is the recipe:
Bacon Chezzy Treats.....they are Bark-a-licious!
You need:
1 Cup of Oats
1/3 Cup melted unsalted butter ( salted is ok too but mommy tries not to use salt.)
1/2 Cup Chicken Broth
1 Cup Shredded Cheese
2-1/2 Cup Flour
2 Tablespoons of sugar
1/2 Cup Milk
1 egg
1/2 cup bacon pieces ( real bacon bits not the artificial kind, you can use real bacon too)Mommy used Hormel pre-cooked kind.
Here is Mommy to tell you how to make them:
Mix Oats, flour, cheese, sugar, bacon pieces in bowl, add melted butter, egg, Chicken Broth, Milk and mix. Add more flour if needed to make the mix more thicker. Add more broth if to thick. Then roll out about 1/8" thick or thicker if you would like. Use cookie cutters that you like. Keep in mind I find it easiest to use plain circles because they are harder to cut with bacon pieces. I used bone shaped in the one I made today. I also had to use block cheese I cut up since I didn't have shredded. The block cheddar cheese melted and oozed more but the doggie seemed to really liked them!
Bake at 350 degrees until brown and then turn over and cook till the other side is brown.
I try to bake them as long as possible to get them crunchy. They will stay longer if you get them real crunchy and get all the moisture out of them. You can also leave them out to air dry to get them even hardier. Some dogs may like them softer. Softer treats will need to be kept in the refrigerator. These treats go so fast. Big hit!
Mommy is right we gobbled them right up. makes around 25-30 treats, of course Mommy says it depend on how big of treats you make. So talk your mommy into making you some!

This is a picture of the treats mommy made today! Of course this isn't all of them! We ate the rest! Well maybe not all of them but I wish! I love when Mommy makes us treats! Maybe she will make us some of those peanut butter ones tomorrow! A dog can dream, right?

Amber-Mae, this picture above is for you. I wanted you to see that I have a black spot on my tongue too, but it is towards the back of my tongue and my sis had to help me open my mouth so mom could take the picture! Beauty marks I tell you! We are so Beautiful!

This is a video staring Me of course, Baylee, Mom and sis Ali. I just wanted to share with my friends what I do for fun. I just luv when Mommy throws the ball up the stairs and I am a show off trying to be the first to get the ball. Baylee gets a little jealous, see her trying to get the ball first at the top of the stairs. Show off, this is my ball and I get it from her all the time. She never like tennis balls until she saw how much attention I get. Now she tries to get my ball too. Luckily she can't move as fast as I can, cuz I am super dopper fastest dog! Don't you agree?

Okay now that my Mom and sis saw how good Amber-Mae is at the nose trick and they tried to get me to do it but it didn't go so well as you can see in the video below! Maybe Amber-Mae you can give my mommy some tips!

Smart me picking the hand the dog-icious treats!

Okay, I am not really getting this crossing my paws thing but I am doing a good job at making mommy jealous, heehee I love her!

I just about rolled over...but just could't get all the way over tonight, maybe next time!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Puppy Pictures

I talked mommy into putting some pictures of her, my sis and us dogs when we were little puppies. I thought you, my friends would like to see how cute I was as a puppy, not to brag but let the pictures judge for themselves.

My Mommy, sis and me about 1 year old. See I got my eye on my sis seeing if she is smiling big like me. Heheheeh I will be 3 June 10th 2008
See how I share with my doggie sis Baylee? I take such good care of her.

This is my little sis Baylee! She was like 6 or 7 weeks. For being my little sis she sure grew bigger then me, what's up with that? Do any you doggies got younger sis's or brother's bigger then you? Not fair...I mean really, I am the oldest and should be the biggest!

Me as a puppy, see how short my fur is? Mommy was told by the breeder that I was a Lab, my papers even say so but my doggie vet says, no your a Golden! Silly Mommy don't you know what a Lab looks like? Mommy just loves me and calls me her Golden Girl and says, "I was meant to be hers!" Not sure what that meant thing means, but I am glad I have her!

Sleepy puppy!

Me cuddling with my sis's lap. Wasn't I so little?
Ahhhh, miss those days! I weigh almost as much as her now at
54 LBs. I hope you enjoyed the older pictures! Do you have any pictures of you as a puppy on your blog?
Well friends, I am going to go catch some doggie ZZZZ's.
Kisses & Licks your friend Sami aka Golden Girl!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wha hoo, Do you see it? Pretty Snow?

Friends today it was all that I have been dreaming about and the snow finally came! I feel like the luckiest dog today! I woke up to all this white stuff that is called snow, isn't it wonderful? Mom doesn't care much for it and complains it is so cold. I just love it! It gets even better, yelp I know what you are thinking, how could it get any better? Well they called off school today so my sis Ali got to play with me all day, wha hoo!

Look at how patiently I am waiting for my sis to play with me. I really just wanted to grab her hat and ran...hahaha!! But, I stayed calm so she would get mad and play with me longer! I tell you it was so tempting with that pink hat and that fuzzy ball on the end just dangling right in my face calling name, oh gosh how can I resist? But I was able to control myself.

Did you see me catch that tennis ball in mid air? Super Dog!

My sis threw me a snowball and I fetched it but it disappeared out of my mouth while Baylee was chasing me. What is up with that, must be magic snow, oh well I gave up and grabbed my tennis ball and held on tight with my teeth! Not sure if I like that magic snow! I better stick with my tennis balls for now!

They tried to get Baylee the saint also known as Boo, Boo Bear, to pull Ali on the sled. That didn't work out to well and I had to show them. Although Mom wouldn't let me at first and told my sis that I am not a working dog like my sister Baylee. I showed them and pulled Ali in the video below, aren't I so strong? Now who's the BIG DOG?

I wish all my friends some of that playful magic snow and funtime like I had today!

Kisses & Licks,


Monday, January 21, 2008

One of those lazy days!

Today my human sis and brother where out of school so we kinda just had a lazy stay at home day! Mom only had to take Ali for her horse lesson today. But when they got back my mom and sis played hide the tennis ball from me and it drove me crazy! This is so much fun. They pretend they don't have it and I sniff it out and sometimes they throw it and I chase it. We just played lots of fun games! My sister Baylee the Saint was getting so annoyed that she couldn't get the ball but I am just too quick! Hahahaha!

Mom was getting ready to take Ali to her horse lesson and I was trying to tell them I smelled that yummy turkey baking in the oven but they weren't listening! I sniffed the oven so they would get the picture but nope. Listen to me, I WANT TURKEY! All Mom me to do is bark and do tricks but I wasn't listening to her only to my sis Ali. Maybe I would have listened to mom but she didn't give me turkey! Darn, I had to wait till dinner to eat. I have to say it was worth the wait! I love those turkey birds...hope I get some more tomorrow, delicious!

This is an a picture of me with my sis taken this past summer. Mom just thinks this picture is so sweet! She is right! My sis taught me to put my arm around her and I do it all the time when I can. I just love giving her hugs! Mom and my sis call me their Golden girl! Do your humans call you any nick names? I have sambo, sam and golden girl! I like Sami the best! Wishes for all my friends to get yummy turkey like I had!

Love you friend, Sami

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bath anyone? Having lots of fun in water...

Mom said that she was going to take me to a place called Feeder's Supply to get a bath. She says they have nice big tubes like stales to give me a bath. I wasn't sure what she meant by going out for a bath. I have never done that before and wasn't quit sure about that but luckly me I got to get a bath at home and had so much fun! Mom was to so busy running around with my human sis trying to find her a new english jumping saddle and it took longer to find then she thought! So tonight Mom and my human sis gave me a bath in the big heart shaped tub...was it fun.

At first, I wasn't sure since it didn't have much water in it but mom said it will fill up and you will like it then!
Are you sure Mom? I waited for the water to come and it did! She was right it did, Yippie!
Okay Mom please take these googles off my face. As you can see they don't fit me my sis is holding them on and I look so silly. I do like the pink it is my fav color!
My sis put the bone under water but I got it, yelp that's right boney no hiding from me. You are MINE! All Mine!

See the video below of me diggin for that stinkin bone and see just how it became mine!

My Bone, My pretty red bone!
After my bath I was energized and became a wild dog running around the room like a wild dog, it felt good! I wanted to go outside and run but Mom would let me since I didn't get all the way dry with the hair dryer. She said it was way to cold outside, like 20 degrees what ever that means. She still said nope that she didn't want me to get sick. I begged and nope still not getting to go outside so I had to wait until I was dry!

After my bath and I got all my wild energy out I was pooped and laid down with my sis to rest! She is just the best. Her and Mom take such good care of me! They just love me so and give me lots of kisses and hugs and I love it! See me and my sis? I hope all my friends have lots of love like me! Love Sami

Friday, January 18, 2008

Did someone say, Chicken?

I scored today! Mom usually lets me have baked chicken but today she let me have fried Chicken Tenders from Papa John's Pizza. Oh, were they yummy.....Juicy...delicious oh I better stop I am getting hungry again. See my human sister I am begging so pretty for another piece of that juicy chicken Mom orders me when she orders Pizza. I don't like Pizza that much, only the cheese. Baylee loves pizza and can eat a cut up piece in like three bits. Wow she must really like that pie they call pizza. I just don't see the excitement in it but my human Mom loves it too!

Me, getting more yummy chicken, I could eat the whole order by myself.

Mom took a picture of my plate before she cut it up and let me eat it. I tried to tell her that she didn't need to take the time to cut it up and she could just give it to me but no I still had to wait! I have teeth Mom and I can chew those juicy chickens up. I can see why they call them tenders....boy where they tender.

Mom letting sample the chicken tenders. You can see Baylee in the background and she was barking and saying come on already put the camera down and hand me my pizza.

Today was horse riding lesson for my human sister and she was practing her cantor. But not sure what Mom means when she says cantor. I don't see any cans do you? Whatever it means my human sister Ali is good. I wonder how she is able to stay on that horse and not tip over and fall off?

I am so excited that I am starting to make friends! Yippie! Thank you Amber-Mae for the nice things you had to say about me. You sure made me smile. Thank you!

This blog is just the coolest and making friends is just doggone FUN!

Will chat more tomorrow...Mom is suppose to take me to the place to get a bath and I will let you all know how it goes tomorrow. I am a little nervous but if it involves water I will love it!

Your Friend, Sami

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sneaky me, do you think Mom sees?

Do you think Mom sees what I got? Maybe not, do you see? Maybe if you don't see the thing Mom calls a squeaker, in my mouth then she won't. If I just sit her and pretend I don't have anything she won't see...I will be a sneaky dog! For some reason she will not let me chew up those noisy squeakers I find in my toys. Why do they even put those plastic things Mom calls squeakers in my toys anyways? Do they bother anyone else too?
I was also wondering how all you dogs out there get in the blogs for dogs and better yet how can I meet some fellow friends that have blogs? I had this nice girl Emily ask me how I type with my paws, of course I had to confess that my Mom helps out with my blog!
Well, Mom says it is bedtime and we need to go to bed. Why do we dogs have to go to bed when our humans decided it is bedtime for all of us? I guess, I will have to chat later! Goodnight friends! Sami

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My stuffed toys & My Sister Baylee the St. Bernard

Busted....Mom caught me unstuffing another toy...oh how it drives her crazy to clean up the mess but I can't stop until I get all the stuffing out of my toys and squeakers too.
Shush...if mom sees me get a squeaker she takes it away from me so that I don't get choked on it, yeah like right, huh? I just want to chew that noisy thing up.

Here is my sister Baylee. Baylee will be 2 this May. I have so much fun with her! She is waiting for our human sister to throw us cookies to catch. Baylee will catch cookies as you can see in the pictures below she will jump and move fast to get the cookies.

Look at me catching the cookie, aren't I good, just concentrating on that yummy cookie that will soon be in my mouth. Delicious.

Look how high Baylee will jump to get a cookie, have you seen a St. Bernard jump that high? My sister Baylee just loves food and will do anything for a cookie.

I finally got Mom to take some recent pictures of my sister Baylee who is the Saint Bernard I have talked about here on my blog. Here is a close up of my bestest pal Baylee.

I just thought it would be nice if Mom took a picture of Baylee so that you can picture her when I talk about her. She is so much fun to chase in the back yard and I have even taught her to be a bird dog. Mom laughs when she sees Baylee getting all excited over birds and I think, hahah I taught her that Mom, aren't I smart?
I wanted to put this video just to show you how much fun I have tackling my human sister, "A" We play football in the back yard and soccer too. So much fun!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It has been a few days since we got back from the trip to visit my human grandparents. I had such a fun time, but I am glad to be back to my fenced yard to run run and run. My mom kept me on a leash when she took outside but let me run with out a few times. My sister Baylee the Saint never got to be off her leash I don't blame mom, she still doesn't listen as well as I do. My human grandparents have 2 cats, Foxy and Buffy and they wouldn't have nothing to do with me. I wanted to play with them but they were scared and hid from me the whole visit. I even shared my chicken Mom cooked for me with Buffy but she still would not play with me. I had so much fun playing with my human cousin, M. M and my human sister played games with me outside. I was so happy.

Here is a picture me at my human grandparents, notice my new blue blanket coat? My Mom got for me for Christmas and it sure is warm and stylish. My human sister, "A" loves horses and wanted Mom to buy me a blanket like the horse she rides wear. I love it!

Here is a picture of Me, back of Mom and my human cousin M.

Then another picture of me chasing a stick... Mom forgot my tennis ball along with her camera. Luckily my human sister brought hers! So she took these pictures! I must say she is a good picture taker for only being 9. Of course it helps I am photogenic.

That was my trip and I had a blast but so glad to be back to my home sweet home!

Oh, here is a video my human sister "A" did of me with her new Hannah Camcorder at our Grandparents house...please bare with the video, she is new at this but did a pretty good job for being 9. I am also giving them a hard time and keeping stealing the stick..hehehe..I just love the attention!