Friday, March 21, 2014

Silly Silly Kitty Cats!

 You are probably wondering about the smile on my face, huh? Well look at the picture below and see the  two kitty cats thinking they scored big time. They think mommy is building them a place to lay to look out the window but I know the she is not. She is building her and Allie a craft table for their new office. The joke is on them, yelp. The table is getting painting for Allie and mom to make dog collars, other arts and crafts. I personally like the color she painted the room because it reminds me of swimming in a pool. I love water and cannot wait till summer time here in Kentucky.
Yelp, silly silly kitty cats! Do you have any silly pets in your home?


Sam said...

Our pups are both silly! Momma has a craft room too, but it is very disorganized at the moment. She hasn't been able to do anything in it for months.

Monty and Harlow

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