Friday, March 21, 2008

My Hooman Sis's trip to the Science Center

I wanted to post some pictures of my Allie on her school field trip. Mom got to go but not me since a no doggie rule so not fair! Allie got to go in a kinda like space ship.
Oh and look at this rock, Baylee would love to chew chew it...not sure if the Mummy would scare her!

Not sure why Allie is smiling because this man has no face..yikes now and look funnel like hands. Must be from the black lagoon.

Oh, boy glad I didn't go and run into this fella, look at those huge teethies? Good thing he was behind glass.

Look like this guy is smiling at my sis Allie. He better stay away from her or I will show him my big teethies or better yet I will get Baylee after him!

Okay now Allie is being a silly girl hooman! I will have to talk to this so called Science Center and see why us doggies cannot go. I tell you just no fair at all! Mommy promised to take me to the park as soon as we get a warm nice day! Think, I will like that better then the yulky old no dogs allowed Science Center, huh?


Mango said...

That museum looks kind of scary with that mutant human and big bear. They should have let you go for protection!

Were you busy on the treadmill while your sister was away?


BrandytheGreat said...

Aww, they should have let you go, Sami! Then you can tell that mean polar bear a thing or two about showing off his yellow teefies.

Amber-Mae said...

Now how kewl! Ooh, is that a simulator? My hoomans have been in one of those before & they said it was FUN! Too bad no doggies are allowed in there. Boohoo!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer