Thursday, June 10, 2010

sami's 5th barkday

Hi friends! It is my Barkday today and I am 5 years old! Allie and Mommy woke me up this morning with barkday pressies! I got my favorites. Can you guess what I got?

Allie got me 3 new tennis balls! Gosh you know how I love them.

Mommy got me a orange loofa squeaks and makes all kinds of sounds that drive me CRAZY...I just love it!

Okay, I have put the tennis ball down to let you know what is up.It has been so long since Mommy has let me post and I am trilled that she let me on my barkday. She has been so busy since we moved into the new farm house. Well, guess I have too. We have lots of interesting smells on the farm and a duck family that visits our pond. A mama duck followed by 3 baby ducks and the a daddy duck. I love to talk to them but I think I might scare them with my big loud bark....hehehehehe
My human brother Dale has just graduated from high school with Cuma Laude Honors and will be attending JB Speed School @ University of Louisville in Bio Medical Engineering. He also received a 4 yr. trustee scholarship and this summer was offered an internship with James Brown Cancer Research Center here in Louisville. Gosh, I am so proud of him! I am a little sad since he will be living on the dorms doing school and that means I won't get to see him that much! :(

Thats about all the excitement here. Baylee is doing good too and has been getting fat..hahah well she gained 5 LBS since moving to the farm. You would have thought she would have lost weight, with more room to run but she says it is muscle..try telling that one to the doggie doctor! Well, I have got ice cream to eat and mommy is making homemade whipped cream for me today.....ooooo so yummy my favorite. Dinner is also my favorite, can you say CHICKEN?
Love you guys and I have missed you! Tonight, I am going to catch up on your blog posts!
Love, Sami


Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy 5th birthday, Sami!
And congratulations to Dale! You must be so very proud of him!
Whipped cream! yummmmmmm

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Thor said...

Happy Birthday to you, Sami!
My, I'm so happy to see you! I missed you tons! You look gorgeous!
Looks like you're having a great celebration! Look at all those lovely presents! I'm drooling here hearing about your yummy food!
Big congratulations to Dale! He did great!
Looks like you're loving your new home!=)
The Duck's family sounds so cute!
Hope to hear from you more!

Mango said...

Good to see you guys are doing well and having adventures. Happy Birthday to Sami! I am five years old too.

I doubt that Miss Baylee is fat (how dare you). I am sure she has just been working out a lot.


Sam said...

Happy Birthday, Sami!

Thank you for the update! I'm sure you are very proud for your boy!


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Anonymous said...
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Shane Kent Louis said...

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