Friday, August 1, 2008

My fun filled cream..kongs

Today, I heard my most favorite words, "you want to go for a ride Sami?" I turned my head back and fourth saying are you kidding you know I love rides. I then got all excited when I heard the jingle of my collar and I knew she was serious. I was in such a hurry to go I made mommy forget her camera so we didn't get pictures. First we went to UPS store since mommy had to mail overnight docs for her work. Then off to Petsmart her, me and Allie went. Mommy headed back to my vet to get me and Baylee our heart worm pills while Allie took me to look at the hamsters and guinea pigs. Oh it was so much fun. Allie showed me these baby kitties that were looking for a home and Allie begged her for one but mommy just said, no not now until we get a farm. You see mommy has allergies to kitties and she is afraid to get one right now because she would fall in love with it and it would break her heart to have to get rid of it cause her eyes get puffy and swollen so she says once we get a farm we can have a barn were it can stay if it didn't work out in the house. Poor mommy....anyways what would us 2 doggies do with a kitty? Hum, we could play chase the kitty or bitty the kitties tail..hee hee.. Okay after Petsmart we went to Feeder Supply to get me a bath and groomed. It was fun but I did try to bite the blow dryer hose cuz I didn't like that thing, not one bit! Mommy saved the best for last, we went to Graters for ice cream. She got me a scoop of yummy vanilla. I give Graters 4 paws up cuz it was so yummy and the lady there was so nice. You see we were sitting outside and she came out with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream just for me not knowing mommy got me my very own scoop so I got extra! Thanks you nice lady at Graters. Oh, she even said I was just the prettiest dog, who could argue!

Okay we are back at home now and I am checking out the goodies we got. Baylee didn't get to go since she doesn't do very well getting a bath out so we bought her home the biggest drooliest bully stick. You see it is missing from the pictures? Mommy felt so bad that she didn't get to go that she couldn't wait to give it to her. I didn't get one cause Mommy said I got to go and get ice cream. See me checking out the goodies?
Baylee had to come check out the goodies too. See the bag of doggie food? Funny thing is it is the only kind Baylee likes and it is for Golden Retrievers...I think she thinks she is one just like me. Anyways She turns her nose up at any other Royal Canine dog food, even the one for Skin and joint support which she really needs since she has big joints! Oh well, you know I have food dog allergies and the vet had me try so many and well Royal Canine is the only kind I can eat but I mostly eat dinners with my hoomans so I get lots of yummy meats. Baylee does too so maybe that is why she is picky with the dog food she eats but Mommy says it isn't fair that I get yummy hooman food and she doesn't! I have a reason Mommy I get skin itchies and Baylee gets hooman food too, not fair I tell you!

OH, Amber-Mae & Faya Mommy got us our first Kongs at Petsmart as you can see in the picture us checking them out. Hum something smells yummy about these. Baylee do you smell what I smell?

Look Mommy stuff them with treats already. Yummy vanilla wafers. Lucky us!

Oh boy, yummy lets eat them Sami! Baylee the ball is mine cause I love balls and Mommy got you the extra large kong, don't you just love them? Thank You, Thank You Mommy now we can participate in the I love my Kong contest! We can't wait, mommy get the camera now, please?


Saint Lover said...

yey... Petsmart! If your dogs like peanutbutter like mine to, fill it up with peanutbutter and watch them go to town.

You can also fill them with low sodium, diluted chicken broth and freeze them for the girls to lick outside. I bet Bailey would LOVE one while you are keeping cool in the pool.

Maggie and Mitch said...

OMG what a great day you had! Ice cream and stuffed Kongs in the same day is livin'!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

Oh yay! I'm glad your Mom got you Kongs for the contest. Oooh, do get some nice shots of you guys enjoying them!!!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Helios said...

Oh wow! New toys! I love new toys, but my M only gives it to me on special occasions.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sami!
Sure you had a great day!
Extra ice cream?? Lucky you!
I eat Royal Canine kibble and is the only one I like too. But mine is "Obesity Control", can you believe that??
Good luck at the contest. I am sure your mom will take great pictures of you and Baylee!
Kisses and hugs

Thor said...

Sami and Baylee!
It sounds like you had a great day!
So cool you got a kong! I can´t wait to see your pictures to the contest.
You´re so lucky to have extra ice cream!


Abby and Jack said...

Oh boy! We can't wait to see your entry in the Kong contest!