Friday, May 23, 2008

Barkday for Baylee..ducks for Sami?

Baylee's blog day! I decided to blog since Mommy had to take Sami to the Vet today and I'm so bored and missing her so much. Don't worry she is okay. It's just that the new dog park Mommy took Sami to last week had a dog there with giardia and mom is a worry wart! Sami is Vaccinated against giardia too but she just wants to make sure. Plus the vet said there is always a slight chance even when you have gotten the vaccination. She didn't take me yet!
I didn't get to go to that park since I scare other doggies and people with my loud bark and me being a GIANT and all plus she says I need to still work on my manners, which I totally disagree with her! I guess I will be next at the Vet depending what Mom finds out!
Update: Sami just home and she doesn't have giardia but does have a bacterial infection in her large bowel.( Colitis & Enteritis is the Diagnosis) that is going around this area. She was put on antibotics and got a shot of antibotics and DR. said all her blood work is great and all other labs came back normal but Mommy told Daddy that if i get runny poops then I have to go into the vet too. Sami had the poops...and gas too phew Sami! Mom said we will have to give her lots of extra luv and take care of her!
Hi! Baylee here long time since I wrote in the blog, I know...just been kinda lazy lately you know how us Saints can be, huh? The big news is I turned 2 May 20th. Not sure what me being 2 means but I sure like the big deal the hoomans make out of the number two. I could go for turning 2 every day if it means I get strawberry cake..yummz. I was treated like the queen of the house all day!

I got lots of pressies....I told you Sami would be so jealous and sure enough she nibbled on my barkday bonz but I let her seeing that it was so HUGE and all. When Mom opened the package a piece on the bone feel off but I guess that could be Sami's piece.

See Sami looking around in the above picture? Hee she is waiting to see if I was looking before she treat to steal a nibble off that most delic bone. Okay go ahead just one nibble!
Oh, this is so tastey!

Sami was all excited barking at the window and door. She kept running from the window to the door and Mom was like what is up. So Mom went to look and there were 2 ducks in our front yard and before she could snap the picture they went on there way and she got them from a distance. Sami was beggin Mom to let her chase them nope mom wouldn't let her out the door! So unfair I say! Sami is fast and she would have caught us one of those duckies for din dins!

Mom caught Sami being sneaky in this video. The other day we got in trouble for digging in the flower bed. We heard a birdie chirping and we were trying to rescue it. Honest Mom we just want to save the poor little birdie but Mom didn't believe us and I guess Sami wanted to check to see if she could get back in the flower bird and hunt for the birdie. Mom even heard it chirping but even she couldn't see it. She said it must have been hiding behind one of the landscape bricks in the corner. Gosh Mommy you just need to dig and dig a giant hole like we did before she yelled at us to get out of the flower bed!

Oh Barkday back scratches are the best as you can see in the above video!


Maggie & Mitch said...

Happy 2nd birthday, Baylee! Your cake sure does look yummy!
We sure hope Sami gets better soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Baylee!
Happy Birthday! Glad to know you had a great time celebrating your big day! Cake and bones!!! Lucky you!
I hope Sami feel better soon!
Take care

Saint Lover said...

Happy Birthday Bailey! It's good to see and hear from you again! Looks like you had a pretty special day and got lots of treats and gifts. That bone is HUGE! B and R got big bones like that last year too and they loved them. They did say they are quite jealous of the gorgeous strawberry cake.

Mango said...

Baylee! Visit my bloggy. I tagged you.


Amber-Mae said...

Baylee, I just saw this post! Oh my gosh! I'm sooo late to wish you Happy Barkday but anyway, Happy belated 2nd Barkday to you big girl! Woah, look at that cake! I bet it was deeleecious. Oh gee, I still haven't sent you guys a pressie. I will pee-mail you after this.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer