Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sami's Saturday Adventures

My Saturday adventure. Baylee couldn't come just yet since Mom says she needs to work on her manners. Baylee is very protective when she goes out with Allie and tends to scare people and doggies too. It really isn't her fault that she is so big and thus people are scared easily of her and then she likes to bark at them like she is about to attack them. I have well manners .
First we started off at the doggie park. This is the entrance.
Oh, and look the fire hydrant looks like my friend Faith's fur! Faith is a very boot-i-full Dalmatian. In fact she is the most boot-i-full one I have ever seen.
I saw, played and had a blast in the water and even had a drink or two.

I walked for hours and hours with such excitement.

I tired myself out walking so much and my tongue would just hang out of my mouth.

So little time and so many sniffies to sniff.

I even made a new friend but I was to busy sniffing him to ask his name.

I drooled from so much excitement!

I was brave enough to sniff the woods. I saw no strange creatures but I sure smelled them and it sent me on a wild hunt to find them. But they hid really good because I never saw them. Just too sneaky I tell you!

Then Allie found this cool looking dog house that was big enough to fit her and me too. Wow, Mom can we have one of these? I sure like it!
Okay Allie, I got to get back to sniffing out those hidden creatures. I will find you even if I have to come back every day until I do!
Come out, come out where ever you are.....but no creatures came out. I tell you....big scaredy cats.

Oh, please I just want to sniff you... Hee hee...

The hunt is one but still no creatures to be seen. I tried to get Allie to help but she thought we were playing follow the leader.

Wait...what is this? Dogs, maybe they will help me find these sneaky hidden creatures.

See the video there is a dalmatian but with brown spots and not black ones. I have never seen a brown spotted dalmatian before...maybe it is one of those hidden creatures to come out and want to play? Nope they came to see if they could help. Mom made sister Allie stay by her since she heard one of the doggies growl. But that doggie was just telling her that this is a mission for dogies only and hoomans should not be around when we do find those hidden creatures so Mommy told Allie to let us go on our hunt by ourselves. Thank you Mommy!

But we still didn't find any creatures, only sniffies they left behind. Then, my friends had to go so it was up to me to find them all by myself. I was sniffing so good that Mommy thought I was playing hiding seek. Hee hee...

and wait I think I see one...oh it's a bird..,but the bird was to fast and got away from me. I love the chase!
Then Mom said it was time to leave . No creatures today but I will come back soon.
I am in the jeep and we have arrived at our next adventure...Feeders Supply to get some treats and a new toy.

Hey, was this a trick? Mom took me straight back to the dog bath area and gave me a bath. So unfair to trick me like this, Mom!

Mom said if I was a good girl that I could shop after my bath. I was so good that they didn't even finish blow drying my fur all they way, since I don't like it at all. Mom said to pick out a toy for Sista Baylee since she didn't get to come so I picked out her a pork rawhide bone, a soccer ball and bully stick. Really the ball was for me..hee..hee but I didn't tell Mommy.
I just love to shop...well maybe I should say I love to sniff all the stuff in the pet store. I have trouble picking out toys since I just want to sniff. Allie picked me out one of those chuck-it things that throw your balls really far..she just knows I love those. Thank you Allie.

Allie tried to help me find a toy but I just wanted to sniff. Well that was my Saturday Adventure and no I am gonna take a nap since I am so exhausted. Mom when can I go again? Please tomorrow?


Lorenza said...

Hi, Sami!
I liked your way to spend this saturday!
That visit to the park sure it was great! You looked really happy there. Too bad Baylee could not join you there!
A nice bath and shopping!
I know how tired you should be after all that fun!
Have a good night
Kisses and hugs

Maggie & Mitch said...

Hi, Sami!
Thanks for stopping by our blog! I can see we'll get along just fine! We both love to shop! We'll be back!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

OMdoG! That's like the coolest dog park I've ever seen! It's like practically a forest. COOL! That Dalmatian fire hydrant is too cute. I'm sure there are a lot of pee-mails on it huh? Too bad you had to take bath after that. That really spoiled your day. Hope you picked out the toy you wanted...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Pacco de Mongrel said...

that was indeed a great place for adventure...

Arabella said...

Oh Sami!! That's my park!!! I used to go there all the time before I had to move...I miss it there, take care of it for me. To bad we didn't get to meet in the real world before I moved away, I would've loved hanging out at the dog park with you.

Did you hear the Bats are having another dog day at the Baseball Stadium? I went last year, it was terrific, I wish I could go again!!