Monday, January 21, 2008

One of those lazy days!

Today my human sis and brother where out of school so we kinda just had a lazy stay at home day! Mom only had to take Ali for her horse lesson today. But when they got back my mom and sis played hide the tennis ball from me and it drove me crazy! This is so much fun. They pretend they don't have it and I sniff it out and sometimes they throw it and I chase it. We just played lots of fun games! My sister Baylee the Saint was getting so annoyed that she couldn't get the ball but I am just too quick! Hahahaha!

Mom was getting ready to take Ali to her horse lesson and I was trying to tell them I smelled that yummy turkey baking in the oven but they weren't listening! I sniffed the oven so they would get the picture but nope. Listen to me, I WANT TURKEY! All Mom me to do is bark and do tricks but I wasn't listening to her only to my sis Ali. Maybe I would have listened to mom but she didn't give me turkey! Darn, I had to wait till dinner to eat. I have to say it was worth the wait! I love those turkey birds...hope I get some more tomorrow, delicious!

This is an a picture of me with my sis taken this past summer. Mom just thinks this picture is so sweet! She is right! My sis taught me to put my arm around her and I do it all the time when I can. I just love giving her hugs! Mom and my sis call me their Golden girl! Do your humans call you any nick names? I have sambo, sam and golden girl! I like Sami the best! Wishes for all my friends to get yummy turkey like I had!

Love you friend, Sami

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Amber-Mae said...

Sami, you're very bootiful! I just can't keep my eyes off your loverly silky fur...Oooo, I bet you couldn't wait to have some of those droolsomely delicious turkey meat! I've never had real turkey meat before but only had Turkey kibbles. Tastes soooo fake! You are sooo cute doing your tricks. That picture of you & your hooman sista Ali is just simply sweet!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer