Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sneaky me, do you think Mom sees?

Do you think Mom sees what I got? Maybe not, do you see? Maybe if you don't see the thing Mom calls a squeaker, in my mouth then she won't. If I just sit her and pretend I don't have anything she won't see...I will be a sneaky dog! For some reason she will not let me chew up those noisy squeakers I find in my toys. Why do they even put those plastic things Mom calls squeakers in my toys anyways? Do they bother anyone else too?
I was also wondering how all you dogs out there get in the blogs for dogs and better yet how can I meet some fellow friends that have blogs? I had this nice girl Emily ask me how I type with my paws, of course I had to confess that my Mom helps out with my blog!
Well, Mom says it is bedtime and we need to go to bed. Why do we dogs have to go to bed when our humans decided it is bedtime for all of us? I guess, I will have to chat later! Goodnight friends! Sami

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Amber-Mae said...

Hi Sami!!! I'm sooo glad to meet cha! I always loved meeting new Golden friends online...Oh my, your fur is like waaaay GORGEOUS! Mine's nice? I disagree even my mommy disagrees. Mommy says I look like a Labrador with extra long hair, hehe! I'm absolutely in love with your shining coat! I mean, look at your feathers! Mommy has always wanted a Golden that has very long fur like you. My sista Chloe used to be sooo bushy like a pollar bear but now, she has lost all her fur due to some kibbles she ate. Isn't that sad? You can see her bushy fur in one of my older posts. Anyway, enuf about our fur! Your sister is very tall & slim for a St. Bernard! So far all the Saints here are massive! But anyway, thanks for dropping by my place. I'm gonna add your link to my bloggy & I will sure drop by your bloggy often! Hope you'll do the same thing too Sami...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer