Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bath anyone? Having lots of fun in water...

Mom said that she was going to take me to a place called Feeder's Supply to get a bath. She says they have nice big tubes like stales to give me a bath. I wasn't sure what she meant by going out for a bath. I have never done that before and wasn't quit sure about that but luckly me I got to get a bath at home and had so much fun! Mom was to so busy running around with my human sis trying to find her a new english jumping saddle and it took longer to find then she thought! So tonight Mom and my human sis gave me a bath in the big heart shaped tub...was it fun.

At first, I wasn't sure since it didn't have much water in it but mom said it will fill up and you will like it then!
Are you sure Mom? I waited for the water to come and it did! She was right it did, Yippie!
Okay Mom please take these googles off my face. As you can see they don't fit me my sis is holding them on and I look so silly. I do like the pink it is my fav color!
My sis put the bone under water but I got it, yelp that's right boney no hiding from me. You are MINE! All Mine!

See the video below of me diggin for that stinkin bone and see just how it became mine!

My Bone, My pretty red bone!
After my bath I was energized and became a wild dog running around the room like a wild dog, it felt good! I wanted to go outside and run but Mom would let me since I didn't get all the way dry with the hair dryer. She said it was way to cold outside, like 20 degrees what ever that means. She still said nope that she didn't want me to get sick. I begged and nope still not getting to go outside so I had to wait until I was dry!

After my bath and I got all my wild energy out I was pooped and laid down with my sis to rest! She is just the best. Her and Mom take such good care of me! They just love me so and give me lots of kisses and hugs and I love it! See me and my sis? I hope all my friends have lots of love like me! Love Sami


Amber-Mae said...

You're very calm in the bath tub. I hate baths but I LOVE water! Actually, I would have loved baths too if I didn't have to stand absolutely still while I'm scrubbed down with that smelly shampoo...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Arabella said...

I don't like the cleaning part of baths but I love it when I'm done, I zoom here and there, it's wonderful!!