Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wha hoo, Do you see it? Pretty Snow?

Friends today it was all that I have been dreaming about and the snow finally came! I feel like the luckiest dog today! I woke up to all this white stuff that is called snow, isn't it wonderful? Mom doesn't care much for it and complains it is so cold. I just love it! It gets even better, yelp I know what you are thinking, how could it get any better? Well they called off school today so my sis Ali got to play with me all day, wha hoo!

Look at how patiently I am waiting for my sis to play with me. I really just wanted to grab her hat and ran...hahaha!! But, I stayed calm so she would get mad and play with me longer! I tell you it was so tempting with that pink hat and that fuzzy ball on the end just dangling right in my face calling name, oh gosh how can I resist? But I was able to control myself.

Did you see me catch that tennis ball in mid air? Super Dog!

My sis threw me a snowball and I fetched it but it disappeared out of my mouth while Baylee was chasing me. What is up with that, must be magic snow, oh well I gave up and grabbed my tennis ball and held on tight with my teeth! Not sure if I like that magic snow! I better stick with my tennis balls for now!

They tried to get Baylee the saint also known as Boo, Boo Bear, to pull Ali on the sled. That didn't work out to well and I had to show them. Although Mom wouldn't let me at first and told my sis that I am not a working dog like my sister Baylee. I showed them and pulled Ali in the video below, aren't I so strong? Now who's the BIG DOG?

I wish all my friends some of that playful magic snow and funtime like I had today!

Kisses & Licks,



powder-puff said...

Hey Sami!!

ARRRROOO how i wish i was there with you!!

I want to see snow so badly, but there is little chance of that here in Texas!!

Loved all the videos, you really are super dog catching that ball in mid air!!

peace out

Amber-Mae said...

Hey there Sami! Wooow, snow! Soooo much fun... I wish my country had snow too. All the time it's only Summer, how boooring! Sami, you catch your ball good! I can catch mine in mid air too! You are a strong girl...Isn't Baylee supposed to be doing her job in pulling it? Kekekeke!

Pee/s: I've replied your pee-mail.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer