Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It has been a few days since we got back from the trip to visit my human grandparents. I had such a fun time, but I am glad to be back to my fenced yard to run run and run. My mom kept me on a leash when she took outside but let me run with out a few times. My sister Baylee the Saint never got to be off her leash I don't blame mom, she still doesn't listen as well as I do. My human grandparents have 2 cats, Foxy and Buffy and they wouldn't have nothing to do with me. I wanted to play with them but they were scared and hid from me the whole visit. I even shared my chicken Mom cooked for me with Buffy but she still would not play with me. I had so much fun playing with my human cousin, M. M and my human sister played games with me outside. I was so happy.

Here is a picture me at my human grandparents, notice my new blue blanket coat? My Mom got for me for Christmas and it sure is warm and stylish. My human sister, "A" loves horses and wanted Mom to buy me a blanket like the horse she rides wear. I love it!

Here is a picture of Me, back of Mom and my human cousin M.

Then another picture of me chasing a stick... Mom forgot my tennis ball along with her camera. Luckily my human sister brought hers! So she took these pictures! I must say she is a good picture taker for only being 9. Of course it helps I am photogenic.

That was my trip and I had a blast but so glad to be back to my home sweet home!

Oh, here is a video my human sister "A" did of me with her new Hannah Camcorder at our Grandparents house...please bare with the video, she is new at this but did a pretty good job for being 9. I am also giving them a hard time and keeping stealing the stick..hehehe..I just love the attention!

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