Thursday, January 24, 2008

Puppy Pictures

I talked mommy into putting some pictures of her, my sis and us dogs when we were little puppies. I thought you, my friends would like to see how cute I was as a puppy, not to brag but let the pictures judge for themselves.

My Mommy, sis and me about 1 year old. See I got my eye on my sis seeing if she is smiling big like me. Heheheeh I will be 3 June 10th 2008
See how I share with my doggie sis Baylee? I take such good care of her.

This is my little sis Baylee! She was like 6 or 7 weeks. For being my little sis she sure grew bigger then me, what's up with that? Do any you doggies got younger sis's or brother's bigger then you? Not fair...I mean really, I am the oldest and should be the biggest!

Me as a puppy, see how short my fur is? Mommy was told by the breeder that I was a Lab, my papers even say so but my doggie vet says, no your a Golden! Silly Mommy don't you know what a Lab looks like? Mommy just loves me and calls me her Golden Girl and says, "I was meant to be hers!" Not sure what that meant thing means, but I am glad I have her!

Sleepy puppy!

Me cuddling with my sis's lap. Wasn't I so little?
Ahhhh, miss those days! I weigh almost as much as her now at
54 LBs. I hope you enjoyed the older pictures! Do you have any pictures of you as a puppy on your blog?
Well friends, I am going to go catch some doggie ZZZZ's.
Kisses & Licks your friend Sami aka Golden Girl!


Amber-Mae said...

Awwww, you were sooo adorable Sami! Even Baylee was sooo adorable when she was younger & smaller than you...hehehee! Today you both are still very bootiful girls! My hair was as short as yours at that time but I didn't have much hair on my ears like yours. I don't have much puppy pictures of myself. Blame mommy! I'm the oldest in the family, Faith is the 2nd oldest & Chloe is the youngest. Chloe is bigger, taller & not to mention huger than both of us! She is still considered a puppy becoz she's not even close to 2 yet. faith is the smallest & infact, the smallest Dalmatian you'll ever see on earth! She's a Miniature Dalmatian. Hey, should start out a new breed ha? Miniature Dalmatians! Heeheehee...Your mommy & your hooman sister Ali are just bootiful people!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

powder-puff said...

Hey Sami!!

Those were some great puppy photos, you were so cute!

Oh and i do think i have some puppy pics of me on like the very first posts i ever did!!

lots of love!

peace out