Saturday, January 12, 2008

My stuffed toys & My Sister Baylee the St. Bernard

Busted....Mom caught me unstuffing another toy...oh how it drives her crazy to clean up the mess but I can't stop until I get all the stuffing out of my toys and squeakers too.
Shush...if mom sees me get a squeaker she takes it away from me so that I don't get choked on it, yeah like right, huh? I just want to chew that noisy thing up.

Here is my sister Baylee. Baylee will be 2 this May. I have so much fun with her! She is waiting for our human sister to throw us cookies to catch. Baylee will catch cookies as you can see in the pictures below she will jump and move fast to get the cookies.

Look at me catching the cookie, aren't I good, just concentrating on that yummy cookie that will soon be in my mouth. Delicious.

Look how high Baylee will jump to get a cookie, have you seen a St. Bernard jump that high? My sister Baylee just loves food and will do anything for a cookie.

I finally got Mom to take some recent pictures of my sister Baylee who is the Saint Bernard I have talked about here on my blog. Here is a close up of my bestest pal Baylee.

I just thought it would be nice if Mom took a picture of Baylee so that you can picture her when I talk about her. She is so much fun to chase in the back yard and I have even taught her to be a bird dog. Mom laughs when she sees Baylee getting all excited over birds and I think, hahah I taught her that Mom, aren't I smart?
I wanted to put this video just to show you how much fun I have tackling my human sister, "A" We play football in the back yard and soccer too. So much fun!

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Emily said...

How do you type with paws?